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Do You Want to Learn Online Marketing?

ZekeLLZekeLL subscriber Posts: 22 Bronze Level Member
edited March 2009 in Marketing

The Internet has changed us forever. It has changed the way we buy, the way we research before we buy, and how much we are willing to pay for a product. From a consumer’s standpoint, this is great news. From a business owner’s standpoint, it could be great news or terrible news, depending on what he is doing to promote his business online.
You’ve heard this myth over and over again, “build it and they will come”. “Yeah, right” I say. The problem is that most people don’t have a clue about online marketing, and when they want to learn, they realize that there is so much information available that it is often overwhelming.
For that reason I’ve decided to share my favorite online marketing resources, so you can stop wasting time reading boring and useless blogs and focus on the ones that will teach you great lessons. I’ve been an Internet marketer for over 9 years but I still get great gems from these sites.SEOmoz Blog
Without a doubt, the best SEO blog out there. They offer very practical tips, that you can start using right away.Search Engine Watch
Another great blog around search engine marketing.Britopian
Awesome online marketing blog by Michael Brito. He covers a lot of Social Media Marketing topics.Search Engine Land
The best way to stay updated on search engine marketing trends.Techipedia
Don’t miss the post on the best Internet Marketing articles of 2008.Search Engine Journal
One of the most popular Internet marketing blogs.Search Engine Guide
Great information for advanced marketers.Click Newz
Very cool online marketing blog that talks about a lot of different tactics to promote your business online.Top Rank Blog
Lee Odden does a great job giving away practical tips to promote a company on the Internet.Ask the Experts
This is a new feature we just launched. You can go to this site and ask any question you want about online marketing, websites, and Internet promotion. Our team of experts and I will answer your questions for you.Some Useful Tips
•    Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Learn one thing at a time.
•    The best way to learn something is by doing it. Test, test, and test.
•    Measure results. The only way to know whether or not something is working is by measuring it.
•    Don’t give up too soon. If something doesn’t work the first day, don’t assume that it will never work. Maybe you need to try a different approach. The best way to fail online –and offline for that matter, is to try something new every day.
•    Do give up when you have to. If you’ve been trying something for a few months and it’s not working for you, drop it. Not all the online marketing tactics work for all the businesses.
•    Find the winning formula and stick to it. Contrary to the popular belief, marketing is not a numbers game. Annoying thousands of people is never as offering your products to a handful of highly-qualified prospects. Use a rifle, not a shotgun. Most businesses use two or three marketing tactics and they execute them brilliantly. Do only a few things and do them very well.


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