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Employee Hiring and Retention

TemporarEaseTemporarEase subscriber Posts: 3
Being that I work in the recruiting and staffing industry I feel that I am usually a little ahead of the curve with respect to jobless claims and numbers. For instance a few years ago before the dot com meltdown the company I worked for had declining placement numbers in both consulting and full time employees 3 months in advance of the first news that the economy had trouble and the major layoffs started.


  • TemporarEaseTemporarEase subscriber Posts: 3
    Here are the new numbers and as suspected they are great! American employers added 211,000 workers in March and the unemployment rate matched a four-year low, capping the best start for hiring of any year since 2000. The gain in payrolls followed a 225,000 rise in February. tcnkwALqmM&refer=home
    Looks like new products and services will be finding a warm welcome from business looking to exppand. We could be entering a great climit for Start Ups.
  • MarketeerMarketeer subscriber Posts: 2
    I can tell you that the only thing worse than participating in a "WAR FOR TALENT" is being in that war in the middle of Montana. In a state that has a population under 1,000,000 people, we`ve faced the challenge of getting and retaining quality people for our face paced, e-commerce business.
    We`ve had good success with generating resume flow through some area print ads and our own website aimed at attracting potential employees. www.youcanlivehere.com</A> highlights the area that we are in and the fact that you can have a high performance, challenging job while living in a great place. People seem to connect with the personal informaton about us and our employees and become attracted to the company. Obviously this tactic won`t apply to everyone, but you may check out the link above to see if it sparks any ideas for you.
  • 77sigma77sigma subscriber Posts: 1
    I noticed  a stream of  advice  about finding employees that i disagree with.  It will always be difficult to find great people to fill a job.  No great person will fill a job where their responsibility is pinned down and limited, it is probably why you became an entrepreneur in the first place. Granted, I am a bit of a radical, but it will always be difficult to find great people who will do as their told, while also being forward looking and creative. My company, 77sigma is founded on the notion that great human beings want to be creative and have lateral movement across the company where they can learn and contribute. I would suggest finding great people, and show them your company and explain what the company needs and let them find a way to improve your company. By the time you are finished, great people will find you not the other way around.Regards,James
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