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Public Transportation: Digital Advertising

NigelNigel subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2016 in Selecting a Business
Hi All,
I've been visiting this site on a daily basis for some time now and I've just noticed that I have never posted on these forums. So here it goes.
We're currently working on public transportation advertising. With the focus for our startup plan being Taxis. The idea sounds simple and is straight to the point.
We pay the Taxi drivers a fixed monthly fee, for us to add our screens in their car. These screens will be displaying advertising for other business. These screens will be added via a simple headrest cover or headrest bracket. Making it easy for the Taxi driver to remove it, when he/she using his/her car for private isssues.
However we've never actually had any experience with public transportation advertising. So, I'm hoping someone else out there can share their thoughts/knowledge with me on this?
Thank you in advance for your time.


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