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New member here!!

HodgieHodgie subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2008 in New Member Welcome
Hi everyone
       I live in madison wisconsin and am starting a t shirt business. My designs are just about done, I have gotten quotes from screen printers to do my shirts and will decide soon on which one will do my shirts.
I was wondering if someone could give me some advice or direction if you will on steps I need to take to become a business and in what order they need to be done?
Getting my logo trademarked through USPTO and locally if necessary.
Becoming an LLC.
Anything else I need to do. ( I can`t think straight, It`s 4am )
Any information would be greatly apreciated.


  • besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    Welcome aboard the SuN forum - a great resource for information. I would suggest you select a name for your business (company/brand name). Conduct a name search through your states business registration. You should also chcek out ww.sba.gov, www.score.org - they are quite useful in guiding you through the process and are best in state speicific requirements.
    Congratulations on your business and here`s to a successful T-Shirt business.......besthealth8/2/2008 9:11 AM
  • HodgieHodgie subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the welcome besthealth, I am working on a name for my business now. Good idea on doing a name search through the states registration, I will do that soon. I have heard about SCORE, I`ll have to check them out.
    Craig, I am writing down all the advice you and besthealth are giving me. I never thought about a business bank account, I`m glad you mentioned that. I am going start working on a business plan, That is a great idea.
    What are my next steps after a business plan?
    I am writing down all sugestions so I do this right. Let me know if you have anything else for me.
  • jennieloujennielou subscriber Posts: 1
    Congratulations on the Name Search - I settled on GetSmartMoodle just for the reason that Get Smart was coming to the Box Office - and the Moodle - well she is up and running - I got the URL problem straightened out with Godaddy`s advice... http://getsmartmoodle.org is a reality - until the next problem and then it really is a reality...
    I actually started my campaign about 2+ months back by putting up information about GettSmartmoodle.org on sites like http://pbwiki.com and http://getsmartmoodle.cfsites.org and hosting the information to get the site noticed a little bit... but now it still is in its infancy as I have to lean the program... and how it behaves and misbehaves...
    I started writing my Business Plan last night - I am following a Bank of America / ODUniversity Collegiete outline - Its offering a lot of invaluable suggestions in the way of tips... and asking me questions... its really a blast... and I am going to look online for Business Plans that are award winners... that should be fun... as well as all the startup companies and new groups that I am participating in to get the word out...  its all good....
    Life is good.... have a great day and I am headed back to the Moodle...
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Hi Roger, no sense in repeating everyone`s great advice but wanted to say WELCOME and congrats on your new venture!! Can`t wait to see your designs, so remember to share!!
  • jennieloujennielou subscriber Posts: 1

    There is nothing new under the sun... everythings been written, said, and done... Moodle is up and running - now to do some changes in the directory and internal controls and find applications that are applicable, functional changes in the code and accessorize with conference and meeting VoIP applications... or whatever applications will workin its fraomwork...

            Meet GetSmartMoodle.org
    an interactive learning application. GetSmartMoodle.org is an online available educational resource utilizing a free open source framework and content publishing system for your continued learning experience.

     GetSmartMoodle.org is a pedagogy (the art, science, or profession of teaching; especially; education) application based on four educational principals: Constructivism which assembles or creates new knowledge as people or applications interact together, Constructionist learning takes place when instructing or creating elements surrounding an experience, Social Constructivism is a collaborative effort combining a social group assembling things for one another and their shared experience and meanings, and the motives of people in discussion are Connected and Separate behavior; Connected in that a greater subjective empathetic approach is taken in listening, asking questions, and understanding someone else`s point of view and Separate in remaining insensitive to others ideas defending the facts and logic to find loop-holes in participant`s arguments. On the other hand Constructed behavior demonstrates an appropriate use of either the Connected or Separate approaches in a given situation. Consequentially the idea surfaces that both teacher and student are continually learning from their experiences.

             Obviously GetSmartMoodle.org cannot impose this method of activity, but supports the concept of pedagogy. Forthcoming improvements to the overall technical infrastructure of Moodle architecture will support improvements in the pedagogical model.
    Have a great evening everyone - Its been a day getting the controls operable and putting out the word... Advertising on startup sites like this one is really great fun...
    Sweet Dreams Everyone,
  • HodgieHodgie subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi erin, I will be sure to share my designs when they are done.
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Awesome... I love t-shirts.. i am so bad.. to decompress every night i make a t-shirt design and post it on my facebook account with my ending thought of the day.. design kind of stinks.. but I have fun.. so make sure you message me , when you are ready to roll!! If you need any LLC forms or anything, I probably have it.. so let me know. Are you building your own site or hiring someone? whatever you need, everyone here is willing to shed some light on what to do. Have a great night!!
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