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Air Travel and Small Business

PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
Hi Everyone,
Is it just me, or does air travel just seem to be getting worse? What are your experiences traveling as a small business owner? How do you make it more relaxing and cost-effective? I`d love to here your tips and suggestions.


  • onlineeateronlineeater subscriber Posts: 16
    Melanie,We just booked our first trip using www.Kayak.com. They are a search based system that searches multp. travel providers then refer you to the site to book your trip. Instead of going to the airlines websites and then to expedia and travelocity they search them all for you.
  • PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Thanks for your input. I have heard of that site and it`s nice to know it will save some time!
  • PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Thanks Steve. I`ll check it out.
  • EmilyPEmilyP subscriber Posts: 0
    I always use kayak.com first to search travel, but they don`t include Southwest in their search... and as much as people may complain about Southwest, I`ve flown them several times in the past and thought the service they provided was actually a lot better than many of the other major airlines. So as long as you print your boarding pass a day early and find a decent seat, I think Southwest is a good choice (it`s also usually more affordable). I also fly JetBlue a lot, and love them (even after their little fiasco this past winter) because they have, by far, the most comfortable seats and leg room - lots of space for the laptop, or if you don`t feel like working, you can just sit back and watch TV. 
  • AccessoryLadyAccessoryLady subscriber Posts: 0
    I also enjoy Southwest, not only for the ease of website booking but also if you have a change in plans, it is really easy to rebook or make changes to your ticket without incurring the regular penalty that almost every airline charges.
    Southwest also now offers shuttle bookings directly from it`s website. That`s a plus if you are not renting a car, and prefer to book everything in advance.
    Service will only improve with the older airlines when customers start asking for the improvements. Some other perks, not necessarily improvements I have noticed are ease in moving luggage to your hotel, directly from the airport (McCarren/Las Vegas, and I think Denver offers this service also).
  • averyavery subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi all,


    Yes i certainly agree with you all, all suggestions are
    really very nice and helpful.

    thanks for sharing your informations!

    Side Turkey,
    Side Holidays
  • owen87owen87 subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi everyone,
    Had anyone tried a private air charter before? I see a prospects in private airline charters. Anybody has good experiences in the airline industry that could share these knowledge? I would like to know how private air charter businesses operate.
  • SocietylimoSocietylimo subscriber Posts: 0
    hi, I am running a business of tr
  • MarkBensonMarkBenson subscriber Posts: 2
    I own a transport company in Phoenix. It is basically working in field of limousine service from sky harbor air port phoenix and also for cab service.
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