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Hi Everyone!
Do you have a story on how StartupNation helped you? If so, please send me a quick note. We are looking for success stories and may be able to give you some free publicity! Thanks, and have a great day! Melanie


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    I incorporated my 2 Start Up Nation interviews into my demo video.Then I give the demo DVD away and share it online at</A>
    While it is a 30 minute long DVD, you will see and hear the 2 interviews towards the end.
    It`s nice that Start Up Nation thought so much of me to talk about my business a "Native American Puppet Theater" on 2 seperate shows.
    This type of promotion adds luster to my business.
    David Coronel
    786 338-5129
    [email protected]
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    Thanks for sharing this information David! It`s nice to know you were able to use your interview to further your PR efforts.
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