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Hiring Friends

PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
Hi Everyone,
Have you ever hired a close friend or family member to help you with your new business? If so, did you have any luck, or was it a nightmare? I`d love to get some opinions on this.


  • PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Thanks for your thoughts on this. I`ve heard different stories from people who`ve hired close friends and family members in the past - both good and bad - so I appreciate your insight!
  • RojgieanRojgiean subscriber Posts: 0
    I tried hiring family and friends into my businesses... mixed results ensued.
    My worst was tryhing to hire family, I would definately opt against sharing your business with any family other than you spouse and/or children.  I`ve found that others will try to wrnech your business away from you based on their "life experience" or trying to "save you from a terrible mistake".  Just my experiences, but, I`ve also had friends with similiar ones.
    As far as friends, the biggest peoblem to overcome is, can they create a line and keep it wherein they say "Point A, I am your friend, Point B, I am your colleague", and not get those two points confused?  I`ve lost a few friends due to their inability to keep these two points straight.  I`ve also gained some, due to their ability to seperate those points, and help nourish a friendship from a business meeting.
    I think the most direct advice I can give is:
    1.) Don`t show preference, or give them a "special" chance/ leg up because they know you.
    2.) Don`t treat them any different than you would anyone else you went into business with, and let them know you expect the same.  (This includes titles and/or taking orders no matter if they are "above" you or not elsewhere.)
    3.) Have a clearly defined job role, and stick to it.  Don`t suprise them with suddent expectations, and don`t allow them to change their job role "because you love them" or are "buds".
    Hope that helps -- it`s all I can think of right now.
  • PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Thanks for your input Rojgiean. I appreciate it! A lot of people are completely against hiring family and friends, and it is easy to see some of the many problems that can arise.
  • RojgieanRojgiean subscriber Posts: 0
    A lot of people refuse to hire friends and family due to them not being able to see how to work with them.  With clearly defined rule, if both people keep true to them, then it is possible...but rarely can you find friends and family that will follow the rules you initially lay out.  I think that`s why so many people are against hiring them!
    Like I said, I have been down that road before, with disasterous results... so I can see why they would be leary -- but I don`t think that most people would "get burned" and willingly open up for the same thing to happen again.  I guess I`m just too trusting...lol
  • calvinjrcalvinjr subscriber Posts: 3
    I have  worked with friends and things may be fine in the beginning or  maybe the middle, but they are terrible at the end. But I digress,  when you start the business and hire friends they may not work as hard as regular employees will, especially if you overtitle them (that is when you give someone a big title  and otherwise they wouldn`t get that title anywhere else).I have numerous friends tell me that story. Lastly, when you part ways, the friendship is almost always ruined. No matter what type of deal or package you offer, the friendship will never be the same. You are in essense saying, you are good enough to be my friend but not my partner in business. Trust me, it just doesn`t work well.Honeslty from now on, I would prefer to not hire/work with friends...you can loose them too quickly...C.PS. I hope that made sense, I am running low on sleep today...
  • PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Thanks for your input! From all of the feedback I`ve received, it seems like there are a lot of issues to deal with when hiring family and friends. For new entrepreneurs, this is really something to think about prior to moving forward with hiring efforts.
    Thanks to everyone to gave me their thoughts on this,
  • RSchlieperRSchlieper subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Melanie,
        Having had experience with both family and friends and working with them, in the past, I would suggest NO!  Don`t do it!  I almost lost my relationship with my sister as she thought that being my sister she could "slide" as to not working all day as required. 
        My best friend Paul S. was aslo on the lazy side but also drank too much and thought he could get away with it being my best friend.  He is no longer my best friend and I really hurt by what came about.
        DON`T DO IT!  It`s just not worth it.
  • racerkidsracerkids subscriber Posts: 0
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