Do you perform volunteer work as part of your business?

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Part of my business plan is to devote a certain amount of my time to community efforts.  To support this commitment, I`ve created a curriculum designed to teach young people how to start their own businesses, and conduct the courses as well as provide the course as a program to other organizations in the area.  This isn`t part of any PR plan, but is just something I wanted to do.
Are there any other entrpreneurs out there doing the same?  If so, what are the different things you`re doing in your community?


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    I currently serve as a volunteer on a county hazmat team.  I serve on the team not only to help my community, but improve my credibility for my business I`m launching. 
    I`ve also sat on three government advisory boards.  All three boards made recommendations to county officials on upgrades to community services.  This I did strictly to help my community.
    I`ve also helped start a fire department, search and rescue unit, ambulance service and a regional emergency response network in rural Arizona.  While each organization benefited my community, they were also a lot of fun.nevadascul4/15/2009 9:14 AM
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    For over 30 years I have donated my design services to non-profit causes in which I have have a personal interest. I actually avoid serving on committees and Board of Directors as meetings are seldom a good use of my time.
    I get so many design service requests from nonprofits, with no connection to myself or my business, that I had to establish guidelines for myself in accepting such work - so I wouldn`t feel guilty saying "no." I will do work for local AIDS organizations, education programs, children`s groups and grass-roots performing arts organizations.
    In addition, I spend a great deal of time each year speaking to design students at high schools, design schools and universities across the country.  I do often make marketing or design presentations to local business groups as well.
    I look at any such activity as an investment in my profession and my community.  Any business that may come my way as a result is just a bonus.
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    Both of these responses are so inspirational.  You make me want to do even more.
    Thank you both for sharing.
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    Excellent.  And I`m sure the seeds you`ve sown will come back tenfold.
    Thank you for sharing.
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