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It would be great to get feedback on the new community site I just launched. I am also looking to rent space out to anyone with a large related ecommerce site.


  • MpyreDzirezMpyreDzirez subscriber Posts: 3
    Yes your points are thing that bother me as well. I am using an amazon store for now...I know it`s not perfect. I am looking to rent that space to someone or get funding to start an ecommerce solution there. It is day 2 of the launch, I am taking actions on those points already. I am in testing mode right launch is probably not the right word to be using.I am on a number of forums getting feedback as well as pushing this through myspace for test users to give me feedback on the functionality. I figure once I have enough members and will be much easier to get funding or atleast advertising so that I can, contract a developer.Thank you so much for taking the time to give a critique. Any others? Any one interested in partnering or investing to get this rolling faster? Justin
    MpyreDzirez2006-9-29 21:27:11
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