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Vehicle Signage

InboxDesignInboxDesign subscriber Posts: 1
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  • bfleming98bfleming98 subscriber Posts: 0
    Boy that`s sure Eye-Catching.....LOL
    How much you are looking at spending?  I don`t think it could hurt to have the signage on the car.
    The worst case is it would generate calls from non-qualified leads and end up wasting your time.  But I think that`s highly unlikely.
  • InboxDesignInboxDesign subscriber Posts: 1
    Yes, well thats attempt was not what I will do, but is an idea of what i would want, something big (well done).I think ill go with it, and get some one who does vehicle graphic`s full time to do it.Thanks!
  • keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    Ah, New Zealand ... what a beautiful country you have. Visited for a month in `81 - one of the best vacations I ever did.
    Have you considered a full vehicle vinyl wrap? You can get pretty creative when you use the entire vehicle as your canvas. I`m assuming these services are available in Auckland. If not, I`m sure you can find assistance online.
    I submit this photo gallery link for your review to stimulate your creative juices. Although these sample wraps are on larger tractor/trailer trucks, I think it will give you some ideas on what can be done with full vehicle wraps.
    Good luck.
  • davennydavenny subscriber Posts: 2
    Are you looking for someone to design the "raps" or "sticker" or are
    you looking for a company that makes the "raps" or "stickers"

    If you are looking for someone to design it I would recommend Design
    Kompany.  We have work with them in the past and they very
    good.  the website is www.design-kompany.com

    If you are looking for someone who makes the raps you are probably better off using someone locally in NZ.

    Finally, yes it is effective as long as you are a good driving and not cutting people off.
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