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Choosing your passion

Cre8iveOneCre8iveOne subscriber Posts: 11
edited April 2006 in Selecting a Business
I want to start a business after I relocate to a new state over the summer.  The pickle is that I LOVE making and doing all things creative.  Example: Do lots of entertaining and plan lots of events (social and corporate). Plus, create gifts/keepsakes.For those of you who have a similar situation, my question is how do/did you decide which passion to pursue if you`re equally passionate about and have experience in both of them?  I know that event planning, especially wedding industry, is challenging and so is creating gifts (involving sewing).  In this situation, I will need a manufacturer/other to assist me in bringing a product idea to life.Your anticipated feedback is sincerely appreciated!


  • watergalwatergal subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    I have many passions myself! But I try to take them on one at a time cause if I didnt I would probably lose my mind 
    I am starting up a concierge biz focused on seniors. I think this is
    more important than my other passion which I am thinking about at this
    time. I love making jewelry so I do that at night if I`m not too tired
    from doing everything that has to be done in the daytime.  But I
    figure after I get up and running I should have more time for the
    jewelry business. I just file away the ideas I get on that until I have
    the time to really do something about it. I used to make my own wedding
    accessories, bridal favors, gifts, baskets (baby and bridal &
    wedding).  Everyone loved what I made. I sold a lot to people at
    work and family. But I also was working 40 to 60 hours a week at my job
    so I had to give it up or just die from the stress!  In your case
    what I would do is put in down in writing, I always do. When you have
    an hour or so sit by yourself and make columns and headings such
    as:  my passion is: initial start up costs, target date for profit
    to be realized, difficulty to start it up, room at your home to set
    aside for this, market for your product (I would think event planning
    would certainly be more lucrative in an upscale market than making
    gifts),  other benefits to event planning would be meeting people
    vs making gifts (you would be isolated at home sewing yourself) unless
    you outsourced them, outsourcing has its own list too like: where to
    outsource, do you travel to find a mfr or do it online.  I think
    you should take the time to talk to family and friends and this forum,
    get some feedback and then put the pros and cons on paper and then wait
    a while before making a decision.
    Lots of Luck jo
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