BUSINESS MILESTONE(s) -- Are yours set?

Cre8iveOneCre8iveOne subscriber Posts: 11
What a beautiful sunny Sunday here in the NE!  I can hear the birds singing so magically.During a meeting with a colleague, I was asked about the milestones I was developing for the business I am about to give "birth" to.  Although I had not thought about securing graphic and web pros, atty, cpa, ins agt, bus bank acct, as milestones, the colleague`s inquiry provoked thought.  So, now I am in the process of setting attainable milestones for my business and would appreciate you sharing yours.Here it goes:Locate, develop, and retain superior relationships with clients, for- & N-F-P orgs, and vendorsAdd commercial property Give back to the community through sponsorship and volunteerismMake the business` brand identifiable beyond its immediate areaThat is what I have for now.  It is an ongoing process.  How about you?
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