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EX Rated Help Please!

exinthecityexinthecity subscriber Posts: 4
edited October 2006 in Marketing
Hi everyone. I am new to this forum and like so many of you building a profitable online business. My website www.exinthecity.com</A> is designed to provide resources to women to move from a state of EX to EXtraordinary moving through the stages of EX - Exile, Express, Exorcise, Explore and Exhale   It`s a fun, upbeat site with EX-Rated City Guides, sEXy Ex section for women rediscovering their sensual side, book links, women only travel companies and a community forum. 
My challenge like every web business is to drive traffic to the site so that I can `own` enough of this demographic to appraoch advertisers. So this is super easy ~ right? 
I read the advice on another post - but have some questions~
I think I have strong content on my site and am convinced that this demographic of over 40`s women on their own after a divorce or breakup is a very dynamic and web saavy audience `out there` somewhere . I think this is an audience advertisers want to reach. I have written many articles that capture the spirit of my site. But how do I publish my pieces on article publishing websites? What IS an `article publishing" website? 
I understand that PR is a main source of generating interest. Is there a value to hiring a PR firm with established contacts to get Ex In the City featured in major publications or media? This costs lots of money - I don`t have any contacts at Oprah or i-village.com or at dailycandy.com. All places my audience is lurking
Anyway, I have a huge cup of coffee and a few hours to play on this site. I know I will find ALL kinds of inspiration - and if anyone wants to connect with me to chat or offer advice, that would be fabulous! info@exinthecity.com</A>
Good luck to everyone with your passions and business dreams!


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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    I`m sure I`m not the first to compliment you on the clever and memorable domain name. I love it!

    Although I`m not your target demographic, I didn`t think you`d mind if
    I dropped in and took a look around. I didn`t see anything on your site
    about a blog.  I`ve read that a regularly updated blog with
    appropriate links to your main site is supposed to boost search engine
    ranking. Given your theme it shouldn`t be difficult to come up with a
    wealth of blog topics. Also, Google ads might be good to place on a
    blog, bringing the revenue without cluttering up your main website.

    A couple of suggestions. I would get rid of the dates on your city
    guides. Unless the content is date sensitive, dates only make it appear
    dated. Also, the Book Club link took me to an otherwise blank page with
    a link to your recommended reading list. That`s where the Book Club
    link should go without the intervening blank page. Minor issues.

    One problem I did notice; your forums aren`t working. That is unless
    you have a filter that blocks 40 something year old married men. If
    that`s the case... then it`s working.

    Overall I think your site is well done. The StartupNation community has
    plenty of PR professionals who are most generous with their advise.
    Good luck with your venture.
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    exinthecityexinthecity subscriber Posts: 4
    This is so cool!!! Thank you thank you for such  a thoughtful response. Its going to take me a glass of wine and very sharp pencil to go through all these comments and plan some next steps - but I clearly have a lot to do to move this site from EX to EXtraordinary. Thank you so very much - I am amazed at the responses I have received. Apologies for the delay in getting back to the four fabulous people who have responded, I thought I would get an email alert when someone posted but I see my eagle eyes didn`t notice the little box that says "email notify me of replies"   Also I need to go check out YOUR sites and businesses as well...I think this site will be very useful and much fun.
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    exinthecityexinthecity subscriber Posts: 4
    Great feedback - I`ll get back to you after I`ve had some time to digest. THANKS so much!!!
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