How do I learn the skills for blogging?

RicWillmotRicWillmot subscriber Posts: 14
Because of some banter and fun in here; I stupidly created a blog just ... well just because.
I used Typepad and paid for the top of the range product.But I cannot understand what I am supposed to do and reading their help pages is like asking a German to speak in Italian while on holidays in Russia.If anyone has the inclination and the patience to chat offline (or online) with a techo-dope; I would be grateful.Kind regards,Ric


  • Xsd01Xsd01 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Ric,
    If your asking how to incorporate the blog into your website or to use their system, I`d be happy to give you a hand. I`ve worked with various blog systems in the past (both hosted remotely and server side).
    I have skype, yahoo, and aim, so if you`d like to talk about this, please message me on here with the best way to contact you if you`d like real time support.
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