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The Westcoast/Vancouverites needs their own German paper for Austrian, German & Swiss Canadians living here.  "German VOICES Vancouver" newsletter has been started to partially fill that need.  This newsletter, written mostly in the English language, offers one feature article on a German-run business, one feature article on a charity/non-profit or just an immigration/Vancouver story.  This, along with letters to the editor, reader`s comments, Internet websites, classifieds & jokes make it a fun, light-hearted read. 
At the moment, it is being printed at 500 copies a month, and sent to 20+ subscribers via e-mail.  The ultimate goal is to print 2,000 and distribute them through libraries, community centres & delis in every part of the Lower Mainland.
Our goal is to have 20 advertisers each month, as well as announcements, special events, etc. pertaining to the German-speaking community.  Even families seeking German-speaking au pairs, babysitters, caregivers, nannies and/or tutors are welcome to place an ad for only $45 a month.  Print media.  A niche market for you!


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    If you`re pitch is intended to attract advertisers - then you might want to include some "benefits" for the advertisers as well as some reasons why they would want to reach out to your intended audience.
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    If it is a paper for the German speaking community, why is it in English? Maybe I have been spoiled living in Los angeles where EVERY group has a paper or something in their language.
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