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Foreign freelancers hiring / subcontracting.

banarbanar subscriber Posts: 2
I`m going to form a new company, web development business. I assume it will be LLC. First project I will work on is internet portal for polish community. I need to subcontract polish copywriter, PR, e-marketing person, graphic designer, programmer and SEO/SEM person. I found perfect people for this project. Each of them will get for example 15% of income generated by that portal. They all agreed to terms. They will not be regular employees, they will have just 15% of income from that portal/project, not 15% of all company income. They will work remotely from Poland. All payments to them will be paid by PayPal. An ttorney will prepare contracts with all information, duties, income etc. How am I suppose to handle all payments made to their accounts? Like regular expense? What about taxes? They don`t have businesses so cannot send me an invoice. I want to do everything legally, everything right from day one.
btw. Is LLC the best formation in this situation? I will be the only owner.
I found http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-trty/poland.pdf but didn`t really help me.
I will really appreciate all help.
Tomasz B.


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    05mustang05mustang subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Yikes! You probably need some serious accounting help here but I don`t see why they wouldn`t simply be treated as independent contractors under US Tax law.  Again, just a hunch so don`t rely on it.  Get some tax help pronto!
    Best of luck!
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    xericxxericx subscriber Posts: 6
    I have the same inquiry.  In my case, I am hiring transcriptionist out of the country and marketing the services in the United States as a middle man.  I`m also considering doing an LLC....but I`m not sure, I am speaking with the bookkeeper at work...but I need to research further. The thing is, the opportunities are coming in faster than I can get this all taken care of properly. 
    The way I`m doing it is that the transcription company is billing me, I invoice the client, then I remit the funds via bank transfer to the foreign based firm.
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    xericxxericx subscriber Posts: 6
    I did recently order a highly rated book on Amazon on outsourcing and the legal requirements. I`m going to try to read this weekend and hopefully get an answer back!
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