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Business idea for anyone who wants it!

CHAIRmanCHAIRman subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2006 in Sales
I thought of a great business opportunity for those interested in the automotive industry.  I went to get my oil change at one of the local quick lube places and for the most part the people servicing my vehicle were good.  However, when I walked into the waiting area there were three women there all sitting waiting for their cars to get finished and as I looked around the place was not at all friendly to the female clientele.  All of the magazines were year old car magazines and maybe a few year old tabloid magazines.  My thought was to have updated female oriented magazines, make the interior a much more inviting space to be in rather than the uncomfortable metal and leather seats. How about nice upholstered chairs with coffee tables.  I also thought about a no hassle policy when something like an air filter needs to be changed just let the customer be notified and if they want to change it they can pay for the service.  How about an area where people can set up there laptop and drink some really good coffee or other beverage- free of charge. 
Feel free to add to this idea- I would do it if I had the money!


  • ShaunoShauno subscriber Posts: 1
    Or... how about a automotive facility that was staffed by all women.  That would make women feel more inclined to take the car for service and not feel slighted in any way.
  • CHAIRmanCHAIRman subscriber Posts: 2
    Good idea Shauno! I was thinking along those lines as well.  I think women may be a little intimidated when going into these types of places.  They need a place like this where they can really trust the business.  I would bet if they recieved great customer service, word of mouth would spread like crazy!
  • kasskass subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi I like your idea. I believe that waiting areas should be inviting for both male and female customers.
    Your idea sounds great.
  • keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    I do a lot of work in the automotive aftermarket - service and collision repair industries. You have identified an issue that few in the industries "get." The ones that do "get it" are capturing the business. It ain`t brain surgery - and no offense to you - I commend you -  in recognizing this important issue - especially as it relates to the female customer.
    If you want to read a good book by an automotive industry person who gets it - read Customers For Life: How To Turn That One-Time Buyer Into a Lifetime Customer by Carl Sewell, a successful auto dealer owner in Texas. Drawing on his incredible success in transforming his Dallas Cadillac dealership into the second largest in America, Carl Sewell reveals the secret of getting customers to return again and again. There`s a chapter on bathrooms  Sewell gets it!
    It`s a great book for anyone with face-to-face customers, automotive-related or not.
    Question: Did you bring your observations to the attention of the owner/manager? If not, I suggest you do. It`s the right thing to do. Like Zorro, leave your mark! 
  • CHAIRmanCHAIRman subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for all the comments!
    Richard, I did not bring my observations to the owner, but I will contact the manager by phone.  I wonder if I should call the actual corporate offices of the company?  Maybe they would hire me to redesign there shops.
  • truegeniustruegenius subscriber Posts: 3
    CHAIRman, you`re more than on to something.  I think you`re idea is fantastic. 
    I automatically get an attitude going into any auto service: oil change, dealer, etc., because my experience has been one where they look and talk to me like I`m an idiot.  I quickly show them that I`m not, and that usually continues the unpleasant experience.  I`ve even walked out on a few for trying to bs me.  I just hate to do anything related to automotive. 
    If there were a business or busiensses that catered to woman like this where I live and provided a comfortable experience with exceptional service: car dealerships, oil change cos., tire cos., etc. - I`d be a top customer!
    Tammytruegenius2006-10-6 20:37:52
  • CHAIRmanCHAIRman subscriber Posts: 2
    I`m thinking I should maybe move forward with this idea.  I see a facility that not only is comfortable to be in but is educational for the customer and not pushy. 
    Another funny thing that happened when I visited this place is they had a t.v. hung up in the corner with a Jerry Springer type show playing and made the experience feel even sleazier! 
  • imcher2imcher2 subscriber Posts: 0
     Years ago I co-owned an automotive business. During the 14 years that I was in this business, I made sure to make the business very "women friendly". The lobby had comfortable chairs, there were current women`s magazines, there were plenty of plants and greenery, the place smelled and looked neat and clean. There was a T. V. and a fish tank. I also had a small table with 4 chairs, a huge box of crayons and big pile of coloring books for their children to amuse themselves. The lobby was a safe environment for the children. The LADIES room was to always be neat, clean, and SAFE and this is a big deal in iteslf. In addition to this, the mechanics were instructed to speak only to the service managers, who in turn were the representatives of the shop. They were to be neatly dressed in their blue jeans and sports shirt and were NEVER to "speak down" to anyone especially women! (We all know its not just women who may not know about cars....!)  None of the guys were working on commission, so therefore, there were no high sales pressures to our customers. When people`s cars were going to take a while to repair, we would drive the customers where they needed to be, and picked them up when the cars were finished. Seat covers, steering wheel covers and paper floor mats were always used to protect the interiors and each car that came into the place, left cleaner than when it arrived. Customers were the lifeblood of the business and they were treated as such. Word of mouth can make or break a business, and this one was one heck of a success! I do agree, make a place comfortable for women, and you can guarantee more business for yourself. Women tend to tell their friends, family, co-workers and so on about places to go, or stay away from...take it from me, I know, I was the WOMAN who ran the place!
  • EastsideautotechEastsideautotech subscriber Posts: 1
    it sounds like a good idea to me for a repair shop, i defantly will take some of these ideas to consideration when i get an actually get a building
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