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Another "Fear" Post

TomMTomM subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2006 in Thought Leadership
I read the Spouse is Scared thread and was encouraged, to a point.  I developed a product, it`s patent pending, have packaging, Web site, and it`s well received when shown to people - but not one has sold yet.
My wife was initially skeptical and eventually got on board and excited, now I`m the problem.  I feel guilty/bad writing checks for something that hasn`t sold yet and am beginning to second guess myself.
I`ve found this forum both informative and encouraging; time to stop lurking and participate. TomM2006-10-21 13:8:20


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    TomMTomM subscriber Posts: 2
    I agree, the `net is/will not be my primary sales generator.  I need to get it placed in stores, and have begun the process of submitting to catalogues, as well.
    Barbasol sells 30 million cans of shaving cream each year alone.  This product isn`t for everyone - amazing how many people don`t shave at all - but there is a significant number out there that have a need for it.  I need to get it on their radar...
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    CHAIRmanCHAIRman subscriber Posts: 2
    I think this is a great idea.  I agree with ElidS that it would work great if you could get it near a checkout as an "impulse purchase" item. 
    On your website I would put a women`s shaving cream can with the pink colored cancoaster.  I thought it was kind of funny when I read "REAL MAN" on the side of the can with a pink cancoaster.  I wish you the best of luck and I think I might just have to purchase one of these because I have experienced the rust letting off on the bottom of the can. 
    Have you thought of approaching the major shaving cream manufacturers to see if they will buy your product or possible license it for you?
    Don`t ever let fear take over your passion for this product.  Believe, Believe Believe!!! 
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    TomMTomM subscriber Posts: 2
    Vicki and CraigL, thank-you for the input and positive feedback.  I will take your site advice to heart and change it.  I`ve often thought of the protection angle, and am thinking of something along the lines of "inexpensive insurance."
    I appreciate your comments.
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    JeannieJeannie subscriber Posts: 8
    I agree with Chairman, about the pink can coaster holding the barbasol.  A man wouldn`t want a pink can coaster.  Also.. when I saw the testimonials page, and a little boy is holding the cleaning can, saying he doesn`t like scrubbing the rings, it doesn`t look right to me.  If anything, it really should be a woman instead of a child cleaning. And under other uses, you want people to take your product seriously.  It shouldn`t be made as a joke.  So I would take that part out.  Nobody is going to buy it to use it as anything else but a can coaster.  Hope this information is helpful. 
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