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I am looking for some critiques of my website - with a caveat.  my website
What I want is your first impression, what feeling, emotion, thoughts does it evoke.
Maybe finish this:  This place is ....
I am not looking for, at this time, functionality or design critiques.
I will explain why after I get some feedback.
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    "Oh...and I got all that in about 10 seconds."   Wow, you`re fast, Craig - 00, 01, 10.....
    (Inside joke, Bigprinter)..
    I lived in Hoffman Estates about 30-years ago.  Hard to believe it`s been that long.  (That was the edge of civilization then.  I`ll bet it goes beyond Elgin by now.)
    Anyway, my first thought about your site was that it`s pretty busy.  You cram a lot of information on the home page.  On the home page there`s at least two or more links to get to the same page.  That is likely to confuse some people.  I would recommend simplifying the landing page a bit.
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    Thanks guys.
    What I`m trying to determine is your initial feeling when you first come to our site.  Kind of like when you walk into a store or someone`s house.  Is it homey? Stark? Pricy? Extravagent?
    I don`t want to say to much because I don`t want to lead peoples answers.
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