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The Creative Burn

bizupsbizups subscriber Posts: 2
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bizups4/13/2008 8:23 PM


  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I am constantly spitting out the ideas to friends, but I try to concentrate on elusivetreasures.com. My other ideas will get their day. So I document the ideas until I can address them with at least some dedicated time.
  • LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    In the past, work and all things work-related was my entire life.  Then I started to have serious health issues - like blood pressure higher than my father (who was on blood pressure medication).  At the age of 35, I was told by my doctor that I was "a heart attack waiting to happen."  I had to make MAJOR changes in my life - including firing a client that was 80% of my business.The biggest change for me was altering my life from "living to work" to "working to live."  I adopted a four-day work week.  I decided to "work less, charge more." With a partner having six+ weeks of paid vacation a year, I had to learn to take vacations and relax - or be left behind.These days I just add new ideas/concepts to the constantly growing list and I don`t get stressed about it all.The biggest thing I learned in the process was that we choose, and have complete control over, all aspects of the life we live.- J.
  • bizupsbizups subscriber Posts: 2
    bizups4/13/2008 8:23 PM
  • drdesignsdrdesigns subscriber Posts: 1
    Sometimes when we get really busy and stressed, it`s time to take a step
    back and resort our priorities. I know that is hard to do if you are in
    business for yourself. With me it`s either feast or famine. Both of those
    are very stressful. When I`m overloaded with work I`m stressed, when
    work slows down I`m stressed. If you find yourself loosing patience,
    blowing up at people try to slow down a bit and figure out exactly what
    the stress in your life is. Life is too short. Even if you can`t get away for a
    real vacation, try taking a day off, or heck sometimes even a few hours of
    doing something you enjoy that is relaxing would help.

    Good luck to you and welcome to the forum. There seems to be a lot a
    wonderful people here. I`m sure you`ll find the support you need.
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    bizups... I was easy to "blow up" also. It took a while for me to realize that people around me may not have the same desire to overcome the challenges present in any new idea, or startup biz. Eventually, I had to stop letting THEM get to me. Now, I take a deep breath (hopefully not showing my frustration) and move on to someone else with the same vision. I have learned there are more people out there ready to argue why NOT to try something new, than people attempting something new. When my success appears (product idea, business concept... what ever) the nay sayers will know who`s is king. 
  • DMstoneDMstone subscriber Posts: 0
    I became so stressed that I shut the business down, and let everyone go. the last 2 years really were bad, every person I hired to help made things worse. All of a sudden my kids were 14 and 15(when did that happen).I was the poster child for heart attacks and hypertension

    So now i sell and consult with a little design thrown in in the field I love, Stone. My advice is focus focus focus, don;t do it all yourself, just because you can doesn`t mean you should, Leave it at the office. and as Vincent breath.       
  • SethSeth subscriber Posts: 2
    Yea, I know the feeling...plus I have A.D.D.! Here`s what I did.
    I came to the conclusion that all my brilliant ideas were worthless - garbage! They ment nothing to nobody as "ideas". My ideas didn`t help me get the girls - I am very happily married. They didn`t impress my friends and family - they have heard my many many other (brilliant) ideas a thousand times before. They didn`t make me any money -I couldn`t sell my ideas for a nickle. They only consumed my time and frustrated me.
    So I carefully picked one idea that had the ability to yeild a good return with low risk, and small cash outlay. Something attainable. Something I would have fun doing. Something to prove to myself that my ideas can be more than ideas. Most importantly I picked an idea that I was passionate about. And I did it.
    All my ideas, like yours, deserve the spot-light of success. They will all get get the chance. One at a time.
  • bizupsbizups subscriber Posts: 2
    I appreciate everyones words of advice, however, my problem is the ideas keep flowing...usually daily...I can`t stop them...so that is why I have est BizUps! Many people want to start a business, but don`t have the creativity to think of anything or the money to buy into a franchise. BizUps! gives them an alternative. Its just in startup phase but eventually will have many of my new business packages as well as advertise other businesses for sale. I have not seen anything else out there like it. Have you? If so share. Basically I feel I must do this. Nothing else works and Im not big on meds to level you out and dull your senses. I truly believe I have a special gift and its much different from what some of you describe as just having alot of ideas here and there. I don`t sit around thinking them up. They just come. And yes I have documented and done nothing with them for years. But now I figure God intends for me to create many things so I am just trying to capture and make it work! Quentin
  • bizupsbizups subscriber Posts: 2
    To clarify, many of the ideas/concepts I create are for existing industries, BUT a totally unique name and/or angle -  such as ThinTwin.com.
    Take a look at ThinTwin.com and tell me that is not an awesome / memborable / catchy name / concept for a weightloss biz!
    And just today put up OnloanOnline.com. This may be a new industry as I have never heard of this concept and again I believe the name is one of a kind and very catchy/memorable. Ever heard the saying, "its all in the name"?
    Again, I am just trying to use what I believe to be a special talent and make it a business.
    If people can come up with their own names/ideas/business concepts, etc then more power to them and I support them, but obviously there are many who can`t and I am discovering untapped ones as evidenced by the fact that no one has bought the dotcom ..except me!
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