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Daim Bramage

bizupsbizups subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2006 in Selecting a Business
bizups4/13/2008 8:21 PM


  • bizupsbizups subscriber Posts: 2
    bizups4/13/2008 8:20 PM
  • davennydavenny subscriber Posts: 2
    I would recommend selling softgenius.com if you can.  I dont know if the business is truely worth anything without you.  I am assuming it is in the black and not in the red.  If you decided this is an option you would like to explore feel free to contact me directly through SUN.
  • CandeeCandee subscriber Posts: 0
    I am one of those looking to start a biz online but am at a complete loss at what would work for me. I am not working at the moment and am spending alot of time searching for info on the net to spark me. I can come up with a million things for those around me with unending talent, but not for me. I am going to look at your bizups site and see whats up...I will get back to you.....
  • bizupsbizups subscriber Posts: 2
    bizups4/13/2008 8:21 PM
  • CandeeCandee subscriber Posts: 0
    Ok, here is where my expertise can come in handy. (lack of that is) It took me a couple minutes to understand the use of the website. (or I really am brain dead)   I was expecting to click on a name and it open up to actual ideas of what to do, (I`m not quite at the computer savvy level yet) then GUESS WHAT? I had an EPIPHANY!!! whew....a company name that has been in my head for years but have yet to do anything with ........And? it`s available. Now, I have to do something with it. So, you did "spark" me, and I thank you.
    As for your over zealous brain activity? I can hear the compassion in everyone`s responses to you, as I have it too. So if you don`t mind I will put my 2cents in...
    You need some Serious Downtime. I mean meditation down time. I wouldn`t make another decision without it.
    I have gone thru system overload, and then I heard the words, "BE STILL"....
    I say no more unless you want me to.
    Hang in there...
  • YvetteMarieYvetteMarie subscriber Posts: 8
    Hi.. I sent a reply to you privately but then thought.. what the heck... Ill air it all out  here!
    Im the female version of you!  Do ya know.. Ive come up with logos and brands and ideas and budgets... for about.. oh, I dont know, a gazillion ideas?  All grand, but I know as I do em.. Ill never see em through.  So heres what Im wondering.. all these grand ideas.. couldnt they benefit someone?
    So I checked out the BizUps site..  there should be money to be made by being able to present a sound business idea? complete it with a business plan that could be adapted to the client obviously.. but.. heck, if youre going to do the research, then by gosh.. put it out there! 
    So then.. when people like Candee are looking and wondering... you could be a resource?  Would people pay for this, I wonder?  A complete start up package of ideas?
    YvetteYvetteMarie2006-10-21 15:26:16
  • CandeeCandee subscriber Posts: 0
    I believe they will Yvette. It`s crazy what people will pay . I paid for information on the net that I discovered (later)  I could have found for nothing , had I just kept researching. If Bizup had a drop down list with each domain, showing keywords to match the name, click on what appeals to you, and that takes you to a dummy website that you can purchase, build onto, and activate. Hey, do you think that could work?
     Candee2006-10-21 16:11:13
  • YvetteMarieYvetteMarie subscriber Posts: 8
    I think it could! I just messaged you, Candee.. about another idea..
    But yeah!  Quentin.. I think youre on to something here if you just went with it! Who says you cant have a job making up.. jobs? ;c)
  • bizupsbizups subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks Folks for the responses...yes I do and have felt like I need some serious downtime...but for various reasons have not been able to....I have been rescuing dogs for several years and as long as you have a few of them under your wing there is not much way to get away and have down time...I rescue them and then find home for them..dont keep them...but between that and the business stuff I have totally burned out...now my car is falling apart and no insurance and not far from repossession and with all the biz debt I have run up I am being attacked by collectors...and at odds with most everyone in the family and the list goes on...so its easy and I hear it alot "just take some time off"....maybe once I get caught up and on track or checked in somewhere...thanks folks but I think Im going to have to just keep doing what ever I can and screw it...see what happens. Quentin
  • CandeeCandee subscriber Posts: 0
    I feel you Quentin. (kudos for the good deed on the dogs) I have two myself. If you are a believer, then know He will bring you through it. I am most certainly a witness to that.
  • bizupsbizups subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks Gang...actually I was on way to developing BizUps! into full website and after a couple hundred dollars down payment to a guy that had developed some other sites he disappeared on me and I got distracted and never took to next level. So what you see is like many of my sites and just where I bought the .com domain and thru up a quick starter site. The plan was to have a graphic block ad for each BizUps! start up package where you clicked on it and it took you to that site. I ran a few ads in a local paper and only got a couple of calls from people that sounded more like they would buy a get rich quick package from an infomercial versus a BizUps! package where you would understand you must start a business from scratch and work hard to make it a success.
    Regarding the LIST many of you have talked about and that I have heard before I made mine and it consists of three things:
    Hot Chics
    Hey we have to be honest on the list right!
  • CandeeCandee subscriber Posts: 0
    Craig, you absolutely KILL me! In a great way of course. .....
    (i love reading your responses) You are so right though. You do not know why you are going thru something until you have gotten past it. (funny how we never try to understand when we are going thru something good though, isn`t it?) We are our own worst enemy, and sadly so many never catch on to that.
    I have been thru some pretty trying times myself, and am experiencing some set back right now, but I know without a doubt, I will get thru it, and I will learn from it, and Craig you are sooooo right when you say be careful what u ask for.......even that hot babe could end up being your worst nightmare huh?......
    Quentin, I still urge u to find that downtime. Total silence, if just a few hours man, then start talking outloud. (by yourself) start with the words: I need help, I can`t do this on my own.....see where that leads you.
    You might be suprised......you can say it over and over if you need to.....
  • bizupsbizups subscriber Posts: 2
    First of all no woman would ever let me do anything. I am in control. Secondly if I chose to live with a hot chic as long as I had a remote control and plenty of sex I would be happy! Quentin
  • CandeeCandee subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m laughing,,,,,,,, you guys have to have your remote control don`t you
  • CandeeCandee subscriber Posts: 0
    Keep `em coming Craig:-))) because you are so very right...
    sorry fellas
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