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Need Help with finding Good Internet Marketing Firm

ReillyReilly subscriber Posts: 2
edited January 2009 in Marketing
Has anyone ever worked with Visible.net?  Are they any good?  Did you get positive feedback? 
What other good Internet Marketing firms/companies are good to work with?  Thanks.


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    DavidJacksonDavidJackson subscriber Posts: 143 Silver Level Member
    Hello Reilly:
    Before I can advise you I need more information.
    Do you already have a website?
    What do you sell?
    What is your website address?
    Why do you need the services of a Marketing Company?
    What exactly are you looking to accomplish?
    What kind of budget do you have for marketing?
    In the meantime, you`d be advised to read this report I found about Visible.net  And this one. 
    David Jackson
    DavidJackson1/27/2009 4:38 PM
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    ReillyReilly subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks David for the quick response.  I found some bad reviews on this company as well, but wanted to get someone else`s opinion. 
    Someone else referred www.hubspot.com.  I checked out their website, but my fear is that most of these companies are scammers.  I`m hoping that asking around and doing due diligence will avoid being scammed. 
    I`ve done some work on my own, but I`m no IT expert and so much of the HTML and algorithim tech information is too much for me.  Therefore, I need some outside help. 
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    DavidJacksonDavidJackson subscriber Posts: 143 Silver Level Member
    Reilly, if you find a bunch of bad reports on a company, why would you continue to consider them?
    Also, for whatever reason you didn`t answer any of the important questions I asked you. Therefore, the advice I can give you is limited at best.
    David Jackson
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