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Outsourcing Sales

astaticastatic subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2016 in Sales
Hi,I have a home-based SEO and web marketing firm and I'm looking to outsource a sales team, possibly overseas, to bring in new clients.Does anyone know of any companies they could recommend, either domestic or overseas? I have a very limited budget at this point and want to experiment with this strategy as a test, and hopefully scale up growth accordingly.Any input is much appreciated, thank you.


  • sallya121sallya121 subscriber Posts: 0
    It seems it is a good idea.You can have a try.
  • yazminbarajasyazminbarajas subscriber Posts: 7 Member
    Well i know this is a late reply for this topic but to answer this one I will gladly recommend an outsourcing company based in Australia that do Sales etc.

    I would like to recommend Offshore Business Processing, an outsourcing firm that provides a wide range of services. OBP also provides services such as sales, call centre solutions and telemarketing. The company is based from Australia and it caters clients around the world. OBP currently caters telemarketing and sales of freight and shipping companies.

    Offshore Business Processing BPO Australia
  • dillonstangerdillonstanger subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    @astatic - pretty amazing that the very first article I glanced at when I signed up for this forum was yours because I am starting a sales outsourcing company in the next few months. We are fairly strong in qualification and closing and all have technical/engineering backgrounds. As we are in the exploration phase, we are interested to talk to potential early adopters but even more interested to talk to sales people, decision makers, and entrepreneurs in the space for advice (we are also looking for a growth hacker/ number crunching marketing person too).
  • saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    Sales outsourcing is the process of allowing an external agency to manage a portion or the entirety of your company’s sales activities. The trusted 3rd party sales team would be responsible for the activities that would have previously been entrusted to your in-house team.
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