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3 Common Mistakes in Brand Design

AngelArtsBizAngelArtsBiz subscriber Posts: 3
edited August 2012 in Marketing
As a professional graphic artist, I often see common mistakes in logo design. These mistakes cost the brand in terms of getting noticed. Avoid these and you will make your brand sizzle!1) Inch Marks or Foot Marks Used in the TypeOkay, so you ask, what or those and why should I care?Inch marks and foot marks are the straight up and down marks used for quotations and contraction marks. While commonly used on the Internet because of computer language limitations, these marks are actually the symbols for measuring in inches or feet.Professional designers use correct typographer marks for quotations and contractions. In design software, this is commonly referred to as smart quotes. They are curved, not straight up and down like inch marks and foot marks.You can choose to use these special marks in the preference window of most applications.2) Misalignment of ElementsAnother common mistake I see in brand design is the misalignment of elements.What does this mean? There is no vertical or horizontal alignment that ties together different components of the logo such as lines of type and images.To make sure your elements align, use the guide feature in most applications.3) All Elements Have the Same WeightWhen I look at some logos, I am confused about the message it's trying to send me. There's no contrast or weight that immediately draws my eye in for me to say, "Oh, that's what it's about."What is the most important message you are trying to get across to your target audience? Make that the most important element in your brand, whether by contrast, size, color, or boldness.So these are some common mistakes I see in design. Avoid these and you will make your brand sizzle!


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