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Direct mail or other marketing for Personal Training

JoestickyJoesticky subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2007 in Marketing
I`m an independent fitness specialist, and have been personal training partially on my own for almost a year. I`m trying to come up with inexpensive marketing ideas to bring on new clients. I`ve considered making and distributing brochures and/or postcards. Any suggestions?


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    3genconsulting3genconsulting subscriber Posts: 0
    You can market a local business such as yours very easily, and on a very tight budget. Your main source of leads will be word of mouth. You can accelerate this process by telling all of your existing clients that if they recruit a new fitness customer, they will each get one free session. This way, all your marketing is costing you is your time. You will be able to recruit a number of clients this way because working out usually happens in groups, meaning, if one of your friends starts to look fit, you will do the same. You may also think about offering group rates. You can charge much less for training larger groups, say in a converted basement. Lastly, with a local business like that, I believe door hangers will be worth the investment. Simply walk around with hangers on a sunday doing your thing, and you`ll have a high probability of running into potential clients outside their homes. Give them a 30-second pitch casually, give them the coupon, and you`re on your way. Hope this helps!
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    SlidingShelvesSlidingShelves subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Justin,
    I few years ago I hired a personal trainer - during that time he was looking to build his business and was asked to speak to a group of people at a local Church - his business really took off!! Not sure for how long, but you may give something similar a try...
    If not at a Church, perhaps another venue?! The idea is to promote a meeting on a Topic of interest relating to Fitness or Weightloss......., You be the main speaker and following the meeting take sign-ups!!
    Much success to you!
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    daleyfla99daleyfla99 subscriber Posts: 1
    Ok, I`ll be captain obvious, show up at every local fitness event, baseball game, soccer game, etc. In a bright, bold T Shirt that proclaims your business.  Make sure you take free trial/session coupons with you.  And smile Big and talk to people everywhere. 
    Your physique should be your main selling point.  In Boca all the big fitness people drive hummers wrapped in their business name.  But they get $300 bux an hour here too....
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