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5 Quick Tips To Market Your Website

2008FreeWebsites2008FreeWebsites subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2008 in Marketing
1. Digg Yourself ((http://www.digg.com)
Digg is a website where people post cool and interesting links about websites.  Add some interesting content to your website, then DIGG yourself.  Once your link is on DIGG tell your friends and family to DIGG your link too.
2. Viral Video Marketing
Create a funny video of your kids, your dog or anything, upload it to YouTube then use the EMBED code from YouTube to put the video on your website.  Always remember – people always tell other people about funny things.
3. Google AdWords (http://adwords.google.com)
From the largest companies to small companies, everyone uses Google AdWords to drive traffic to their website.  It`s very easy to setup and very inexpensive, you can begin running online ads for $10.
4. Link Exchange
Find a website that offers a complimenting service to yours (for example a local home insurance company might exchange links with a local home builder or maybe a local bakery can exchange a link with a local coffee shop, etc...).
5. Write Articles
I`m sure that you are an expert on something or maybe you know how to do something really well (it can be anything).  For example a tanning salon might write an article on `making your tan look more natural` or if you are really good at video games write an article on `winning HALO 3 multi player battles`.  Once written you can then submit your article to as many on line article directories as you can find.  Just remember to add your website URL to the article so people can click on it and visit our website.


  • baxtertea2075baxtertea2075 subscriber Posts: 2
    I have done everything but the viral video marketing and agree that they do work!  I have been blogging about tea, since I own a tea company, people have been asking me questions and its feels great to not only be providing a quality product but also education people on the benefits of tea.
  • dougmcisaacdougmcisaac subscriber Posts: 0
    I have great results with videos. You only get 1-5% click through to your site, but for the investment it`s great, inexpensive traffic. In addition the links will get you indexed quickly and help drive you up in the searches.
    I have a list of 50+  different ways to get traffic on my blog. It started as a top ten list, but it grew I figure it will end up being 500 different ways eventually.
  • dougmcisaacdougmcisaac subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks for the Kudos. I have hundreds of things that I can add to the list too.
    I always make my own videos or have my clients make theirs. There are videos that you can purchase, but unlikely that you`ll find exactly what you are looking for.
    There are many "tell a friend" scripts available. You can also simply ask them to forward any email that you send to the to a friend.
  • LocalGalLocalGal subscriber Posts: 0
    Another good option is local business directory listings.  Since some of them are now adding video to the listing, you get the user-appeal of video with the benefits of capturing users at a better point in the buying cycle--when they`re looking for local businesses in your category. 
    For the sake of full disclosure, the company I work for does exactly that--we`ve got a local business directory in beta that offers video listings. But regardless, it`s a smart strategy.  The one downer to Youtube and other "viral" video outlets is that people don`t visit those sites looking to buy something--they`re looking to be entertained. 
    Video is a compelling format, no doubt, but you have to capture more than the eyeballs--you`ve got to capture the sale, kwim? 
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