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How To Increase Your Sales Overnight

DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
edited February 2008 in Sales
Question: When is the best time to sell your customer additional products?
Answer: Immediately after they`ve just made a purchase.
That`s right. The best time to sell your customers additional products is immediately after they`ve made a purchase. Why? Because they`re still in a buying mode. They`re still happy and excited about their purchase. More importantly, they still have their credit cards out. What better time to sell them something else?
A lot of marketers send their customers to a `thank you" page immediately after the sale. Let me ask you a question. Why would you invite your customers to leave your website, after they`ve just made a purchase? See my point? Why not offer them quick and easy add-ons to the original purchase?
For example, perhaps you have some out-dated or less popular items you`d like to get rid of. Why not offer them to your customers at a discount? They`ll appreciate the gesture. Don`t get me wrong. A nice, courteous thank you page is fine. But a page that offers your customers value at a discount is even better!
Are any of you guys offering your customers additional items immediately after the sale?
Dale King
DKing1/25/2008 10:03 AM


  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141

    I agree that a good time to sell someone additional products or services is right after they purchased something, however I don`t think it is true for everything.  For example, if you own an appliance store and someone had their refrigerator go out unexpectedly, they are probably not too willing to spend additional money when they are already spending money they weren`t planning on.  However if someone is voluntarily upgrading to a new HD TV, they are probably going to be willing to purchase an HD DVD player, surround sound speakers, etc.  You could probably conclude that the best time to sell customers additional products would be when they are spending disposable income.     If you read my post carefully, you`ll notice that it`s clearly referring to Internet marketing. Dale King
  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141

    Great post...    Thanks, DoorMat. Dale KingDKing1/26/2008 6:28 AM
  • bellapriabellapria subscriber Posts: 1
    Selling at the right time isn`t the only great way to increase sales. Effective negotiation skills can also be a huge help. If you can get the sale to feel mutually beneficial and get the customer to be comfortable, you will also do a better job getting your sales to increase.  There is a great website out there with helpful negotiating tips.  It`s Karrass Effective Negotiating
  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    I just love it when people swoop in from nowhere, don`t post any information at all about themselves or their business, make a single post that`s blatantly, obvious SPAM and then disappear into the night, never to be heard from again. I just love it.
    Dale King
    DKing2/13/2008 7:47 AM
  • SkipAndersonSkipAnderson subscriber Posts: 1
    I think Dale`s premise even applies to your refrigerator scenario, even though retail wasn`t Dale`s intent in this thread.
    What better time to sell a warranty to a buyer? (right after their previous fridge bit the dust?). And if they have an ice-maker and water, they certainly need some extra water filters, don`t they?
    Once consumers have decided to purchase (whether disposable income is used or credit, or whatever), it`s much easier to decide to purchase additional items, in my experience.
    "Since you`re buying a refrigerator from us today, I am authorized to offer you a ten percent discount on any microwave in the store, and we`ll deliver it with your refrigerator at no extra charge. Would you like to look at microwaves that would match your new refrigerator?" I`ll bet microwave sales would go up even if you didn`t offer the discount, merely by suggesting that it would be good to have a microwave to match their new stainless steel refrigerator.
  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    Excellent observation, Skip. Thanks for your contribution to this thread.
    Dale King
  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    Hi Dale,
    Great post. I`ve seen some of your posts on the youngentrepreneur.com site as well. Lots of value. I like your style.
    Keep it Up
    Hello, rekid. Thank you very much. I appreciate your kind words.
    Dale King
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