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Write Articles To Presell

DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
edited June 2007 in Sales
If you own an online business - any online business, and you`re not preselling that business, you`re leaving a ton of money on the table. What`s preselling? Preselling is the art of warming up potential prospects, and putting them in a buying frame of mind before you actually send them to your website. Ken Evoy of "SiteSell" fame popularized the term "presell" and introduced it to Internet Marketing. The best way to presell, in my opinion, is to give your prospect something of value. And online, there`s nothing more valuable than "FREE" content. I`m sure you`ve heard the expression, "Content is King." Well, I can tell you from first-hand experience, this is absolutely true. However, before you can be successful at Internet Marketing, you first have to know and understand your market. For example, do you know why most people use the Internet? Most people go online looking for information - an answer to their particular problem. And if you can provide that information in an accessible and easy to understand format, well, you`ve just connected with your prospect in a way that marketers who pay thousands of dollars for advertising would and should be envious of. I personally like to presell my prospects by writing articles. Unfortunately, most marketers don`t have a clue how to write a decent article, and know even less about preselling. As a result, their articles end up sounding like sales letters - poorly written sales letters at that. So what`s the proper way to presell in an article? Actually, there are three ways: 1. Present the problem 2. Solve the problem 3. Send the prospect to your website for a "freebie" or more information. By preselling properly, here`s what you can establish: A. Trust: Offering free information without asking for anything in return provides a foundation of trust, between you and your prospect. B. Credibility: Providing a solution or an answer to a problem, positions you as an expert. Branding yourself as an expert in your field, will instantly enhance your reputation and bottom line. C. Good Will: Giving away great information for "FREE" creates good will between you and your prospect. In essence, "it warms them up" to the possibilty of doing business with you. In closing, if you`re not writing articles to presell your prospects, there`s no better time to start than the present! Dale King DKing2007-6-8 15:35:5
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