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DO You or DON`T You?

DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
edited July 2008 in Marketing
The #1 mistake that people make in business that absolutely, positively leads to failure is that they lie to themselves. They pretend to want success, but they really don`t - at least not bad enough. They`re lying to themselves. I`ve been an astute observer of people for many, many years. And basically, you have two types of people. Those that DO and those that DON`T.
Those that DO are usually focused, committed, disciplined, motivated and determined individuals who may not always do things perfect, and may make mistakes along the way. But invariably, they keep plugging along, until they figure it out - until they achieve success. They seem to find a way to make it happen, regardless of the odds or the circumstances.
Those that DON`T are undisciplined, unfocused, unmotivated individuals who are easily distracted. Oh, they`ll make make a half-hearted effort at success, but to them, it`s much more fun to play online all day, or hangout with their friends. Achieving success is too much work for these individuals. So they make excuses for why they aren`t succeeding. No money, no experience, too young, too old, the economy sucks, etc., etc., etc. Year after year they continue to do the same things that losers do. And year after year they end up in the same exact place - going nowhere.
The question is, which group do you belong to? If you`re a DOER, congratulations! I salute you. Keep up the good work! On the other hand, if you`re in the other group, it`s not too late to change things - to turn things around. It`s not too late to start doing things the right way - to start working doggedly toward your dreams.
Success is still very much within your grasp. But it`s not going to come to you. You have to go and get it.
It`s all up to you!
Dale King
DaleKing7/18/2008 12:37 PM


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    DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
      here`s a question for you (and whoever): given that most people are not "doers," how do you attract the real "doers" to your vision and your company? And avoid investing too much in non-doers before you know that`s how they are?
    Paula, I`m a firm believer of observing people`s work habit. That`s the quickest way to "separate the wheat from the chaff." I refuse to waste my time with people who don`t want anything more out of life than mediocrity. "Doers" stick out like a sore thumb. They`re tireless. They get up early and work late. If you give them an assignment, they go above and beyond the call of duty to complete it. They don`t make excuses. They simply get the job done - ALWAYS. Unfortunately, those types of people are rare. But they`re out there. You just have to keep a sharp eye out for them.
    DaleKing7/18/2008 4:52 PM
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    DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    I just had a thought for a product that would be perfect for you. You know those small books you can buy that have a "daily devotional" bible verse and a short meditation on what it means, one per day for each day of the year? I could totally see you doing one of those, but instead of being religious in nature, it would have a quote from some successful person and a short meditation about it that you write. I would totally buy that, and more to give as gifts. You`d be the perfect person to write those little meditations.
    Paula, you flatter me. Thank you! To be perfectly honest, I have been contemplating writing a book of original quotes for some time now. Nearly every day a great quotation pops into my head, and when I check with Google to find out who wrote it, more often than not I discover that`s it`s never been said before.
    I have a bunch of irons in the fire. Stay tuned.
    Dale King
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