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What`s Your Favorite Marketing Method?

DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
edited October 2016 in Marketing
It`s no secret in this forum that I`m a huge proponent of article marketing. Article marketing has been extremely beneficial to my business. In fact, it`s my favorite and #1 method of marketing my business. Obviously, there are numerous other ways to market your business including, word of mouth, e-mail, ezines, forum posting, newsletters, pay-per-click, banners, traffic exchanges, referrals, press releases, radio, tv, newspaper, magazine, direct mail, etc.
What`s your favorite way(s) of marketing your business? What works best for you?
Dale King


  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    How does somone parlay that initial arrival on the site into someone then actually visiting the whole site itself?
    The trick to getting readers to partake of the rest of your site depends on a variety of factors. Not the least of which is your website itself. But everything starts with the article. If the article is interesting and well-written, the reader will probably want to look around the site to find out more information about the author of the article - or at the very least bookmark the site. For example, over 70% of the readers who visit my website via my articles, also visit at least two additional pages on my site. Also, roughly half of my visitors bookmark my site. That`s where having an attractive, user-friendly website with lots of useful content can close the deal.
    At the end of each article I use a resource box, which is basically a short blurb about my business. Some writers use the resource box to get readers to subscribe to their newsletter or download a free e-book or software product. Either method can be used to entice readers to return to your site. For example, if readers subscribe to your newsletter, you can include links to additional products and services in the body of the newsletter.
    And if readers download a free e-book or software product, you can include links in those items as well. I personally like to use the resource box to promote the various affiliate programs I belong to. The link I use in the resource box goes directly to another page on my site, which is a review of the product I`m promoting.
    As you can see, there are a number of ways to get readers to visit other areas of your website. Basically, you are limited only by your imagination!
    Dale King
    DaleKing7/2/2008 4:38 PM
  • georgebizprogeorgebizpro subscriber Posts: 0
    I have good luck helping clients with SEO.
    I also recommend looking into Google Print, a very good marketing technique. It really all depends on the business though.
  • phantomindeeaphantomindeea subscriber Posts: 3
    Article writing can be very beneficial to certain types of businesses. Another form of this is blogging -- which I feel is essentially a form of self-publishing. It`s difficult to actually get conversion off of blogging but it has many networking benefits, and the better the blogger you are the greater the success. Linked in can also be used for marketing, again depending on what your business is. Word of mouth spreads quickly through that community...
  • GeorgeNGeorgeN subscriber Posts: 0
    I worked with a real estate investment company who marketed their seminars by telemarketing campaigns. One day they showed us the effectiveness of the call floor and sadly, despite our efforts and numerous calls, "word of mouth" brought in more customers than us. The progress can be slower, but you build and expand off a firm customer base and there`s relatively no cost. So I`ve seen the effectiveness of marketing by Word of Mouth. Article writing seems effective as well, it also seems to shy away from the less personal "salesman spam gibberish" that often turn people off.
    GeorgeN7/3/2008 1:10 PM
  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    If one is going to focus on wholesale sales, what would be the best marketing tools online and offline to promote ones wholesale division?

    There is no one best marketing tool online or offline for any situation. There are always a variety of ways to achieve your objectives. It really depends on what you`re selling, and who you`re selling it to.
    Dale King
  • intronicheintroniche subscriber Posts: 1
    Word of mouth is definitely a good way to market your business.
    I`d also like to evangelise the notion of cross-marketing here.
    Cross-marketing (or cross-promotion or co-marketing) is the procedure where you find related companies with good reputation to either
    - do joint marketing actions
    - advertise and promote each other to your respective clients
    It`s a real cost saver and very credible marketing at the same time.
    Check out this  <a href="http://www.introniche.com/> for more information.
    Sam from IntroNiche
  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    My favorite would have to be e-zine marketing. I like the creative side of putting one together and then sending it out. I find that some of the people I send to will actually forward them to friends and associates thus working almost like word of mouth.
    I agree. Ezine marketing is very viral. Not unlike article marketing.
    Dale King
  • JodyGabourieJodyGabourie subscriber Posts: 0

    I enjoy writing so my favourite marketing methods involve blogging, ezines and article writing.  I perform these tasks for my own business and also on other people`s sites and blogs - as a guest or a contributor.
    What`s great about these methods is that they all go towards building credibility and a profile with people in my target group.  I believe that marketing is a relationship and is therefore based on trust, respect and like - all of which are fostered by credibility and consistency.
    What marketing methods you choose should be based on the personality of you and your business and also based on your strengths - ie. do you enjoy speaking, writing, getting out and meeting people?
    And whatever you choose, you must make a committment to do it consistently and often - othersie you`re just wasting your time.
    Warm regards,
    Jody Gabourie

    JodyGabourie7/7/2008 5:35 PM
  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    Whatever you choose, you must make a committment to do it consistently and often - othersie you`re just wasting your time.
    Well said, Jody! I couldn`t agree more.
    Dale King
  • LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    My favorite marketing method is a bit more unique than most - and wouldn`t apply to most businesses.
    As an identity designer, years ago I started dedicating my marketing budget to entry fees for design industry competitions.  The resulting publishing of my logo designs in books, from domestic and international publishers, that are sold around the world has become my most successful promotion tool.  Between 80-85% of the potential clients coming my way begin our interaction with "I was at my local bookstore, flipping through a book of logos, and saw your work..."
    That marketing tactic then leads to making use of press releases, blogging, and promoting the published results in other ways.
    - J.
  • JodyGabourieJodyGabourie subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks for posting a reply....it showed me my typo!  Perfection isn`t something I profess too - but I`m going to definitely check my postings a little closer!
    Take care,
  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
     Thanks for posting a reply....it showed me my typo!  Perfection isn`t something I profess too - but I`m going to definitely check my postings a little closer!    No worries, Jody! None of us are perfect. By the way, I`m always on the lookout for outstanding marketing talent to add to my GuruKnowledge.org website. And after doing some investigating, you made the team. You can view your guru page here. Dale KingDaleKing7/8/2008 3:16 PM
  • JodyGabourieJodyGabourie subscriber Posts: 0

    Hey Dale!
    Thanks so much for honor!  I really like your site and it does have a lot of helpful information.  Please let me know if I can be of service in any other way.
    Take care.
  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141

    Hey Dale! Thanks so much for honor!  I really like your site and it does have a lot of helpful information.  Please let me know if I can be of service in any other way.      Jody, thank you for your kind words about my site. They are very much appreciated. But actually, it is I who should be thanking you. If not for talented individuals like yourself, my website would not even exist. By showcasing talented and knowledgeable marketers like yourself on my website, I`m honoring my readers who mean more to me than anything else - other than family, friends and god. So, thank you!  Dale KingDaleKing7/8/2008 7:21 PM
  • miriampatemiriampate subscriber Posts: 0

    Well, it really depends on your needs. SEO is the best I have much time
    to implement it, while social media is free and fast way to get
    traffic, but does not help in the long term.
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