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Guaranteed Traffic...

DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
edited October 2007 in Marketing
If you`ve been thinking about purchasing traffic from one of those guaranteed traffic programs, save your money. Why? Because it`s nothing more than garbage traffic.
How do I know? Because I`ve tested these programs - for myself and for my clients. Here are the results of those tests:
On four different ocassions, for four different clients, I purchased 10,000 supposedly targeted pop-under ads for $89 from one of the more popular guaranteed traffic programs. I then sat back and observed. 
Approximately thirty days and over 40,000 visitors later, my clients had made zero sales. None! Nada! Zilch! My own personal results were just as dismal.
Why no sales? Because the quality of traffic was absolutely horrendous. Let me explain:
All four of the aforementioned clients gave me full access to their raw data logs. Guess what I discovered. All of the traffic was coming from poor and impoverished third world countries and porn sites. Even more telling was the fact that the average time each visitor stayed on each site was mere seconds. In other words, they were simply clicking on the URL and then leaving immediately.
Again, if you`ve been thinking about buying traffic from a guaranteed traffic program, I implore you... DON`T! As the saying goes, "garbage in, garbage out!"
Have any of you ever tried one of those guaranteed traffic programs? What was your experience?
Dale King
 DKing2007-10-23 19:3:28
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