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Do You Use Google Analytics?

DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
edited July 2007 in Marketing
Do any of you use Google Analytics? Are you happy with it?
The reason I ask is because I use AWStats, which I`m extremely happy with.
However, a client of mine uses Analytics and he said that`s it`s not very accurate and the stats are on a 24 hour delay. This is contrary to the information that I`ve received from others about Analytics.
Can anybody clear this up for me? Is my client right about Analytics?
Dale King


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    JacquiJLJacquiJL subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey Craig - wondering about the benefit of Google Analytics... we just signed up about a week ago at the suggestion of our PR person to track web traffic.  Does it also increase traffic to your website?  I`d love if you would clarify your response about "rising the the first 3 results pages... for keyword phrases."  Thanks a bunch!Jacqui JacquiJL2007-7-11 11:22:20
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    JacquiJLJacquiJL subscriber Posts: 0
    Yes, it`s free... and if you know how to add code to your webpages (or have a webdesigner to do that for you), it`s easy to set up and track, though as Dale mentioned, there is a 24-hour delay in tracking ability. 
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    JacquiJLJacquiJL subscriber Posts: 0
    Cool. Thanks so much for the info Craig!
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    DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    What we`re guessing (since nobody knows for sure) is that by registering our pages with Google Analytics, Google sort of pays more attention. .
    Actually, adding a sitemap to your website will also get your site crawled much more frequently.
    As far as getting indexed by Google, they will index your site much more quickly, if you have at least one incoming link from a site that has already been indexed.
    Dale KingDKing2007-7-11 18:24:10
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    mynameisrod2mynameisrod2 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Dale,

    I visited your website and read a few articles. Your write in your article `The
    Illogical Use of Adsense` that it`s smarter to set up affiliate marketing
    programs. I understand your logic. How do I setup affiliate marketing?
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    DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    Hello Rod:
    The easiset way to setup affiliate programs is through http://ClickBank.com</A>
    If you want to be an affiliate and make money selling other merchants products, just click on the "Affiliate" link. If you want others to promote your products, click on the "Publisher" link.
    Just take your time and follow the instructions. It`s really quite simple.
    Dale KingDKing2007-7-12 8:34:44
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    WebmasterFarmsWebmasterFarms subscriber Posts: 1
    We don`t much care about the accuracy. Instead, as soon as we set up
    Google Analytics, we rose to within the first 3 results pages for all
    kinds of associated keyword phrases. So yes, totally happy with Google
    Hi Craig... as everyone else has said, google analytics is delayed by about a day.  While it is free i find you get what you pay for.  I am installing Mint Analytics for a client myself which offers better real-time results.  CheersLucwww.webmasterfarms.com
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    richillrichill subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi everybody,
    I`m new to all of this. Please forgive me if asking a question that takes the forum in a slightly new direction is not the way to do this.
    I`m looking for advice about Google Analytics. How many pages of my site should include their code -in order to get best tracking resulsts? Every page? I put the code on my home page, a landing page, and the shopping cart page.
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    richillrichill subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Craig,
    Thanks for the response. I have an e-commerce site. Each item I sell has it own page (unique URL). Sounds like I should be putting the code on all pages except FAQ, privacy policy, etc. One concern that I have, and want to share, is that my site`s Google Page Ranking dropped when I put the code onto only a few pages. Learn from my mistake(s).
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