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Internet Marketing News Watch

DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
edited July 2007 in Marketing
Have a new Internet marketing website? Looking for some massive exposure? Then listen up!
If you have a new website and its theme is Internet marketing related, try submitting a press release to IMNewsWatch.com.
IMNewsWatch is the #1 Internet marketing news website that covers the latest news and information related to Internet marketing and making money online.
I`ve used them on several different occassions with excellent results. In fact, I recently picked up my best client from IMNewsWatch.
By the way, your website doesn`t have to be new for you to get exposure from IMNewsWatch. If you have a interesting, newsworthy story, related to Internet marketing, they want to hear from you.
Dale KingDKing2007-7-6 8:3:22


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    mynameisrod2mynameisrod2 subscriber Posts: 0
    Dale...I just got up and running on startup nation but I can already see that
    you have a wealth of information.

    What do I want to write in the press release? Any tips/ideas for information
    that must be in the release?
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    DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    Rod, thanks for your kind words! I appreciate the compliment. The following article should help you out:

    Use A Press Release To Unleash A Flood Of Sales
    If you`ve never used a press release to promote your business, you`re missing out on one of the most potent sales generators of all time.
    Press releases work because they bring  a news slant to your marketing campaign, and people pay attention to interesting news items - the key word being "interesting."
    You should write your press release using the same powerful elements that you would use when writing your ads or salesletters.
    Those elements are known as AIDA.
    AIDA is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.
    It`s a traditional model of the purpose and flow of marketing communications and direct sales efforts.How important is AIDA?This important: You simply CANNOT write an effective press release without it.I`m going to break down and explain each letter in AIDA, so that you can understand the full import of the formula:A= ATTENTION: The very first thing your press release MUST do is get the readers "ATTENTION". The way to do that is with an effective headline. So, what`s an effective headline? An effective headline is any headline that answers the question: "What`s in it for me?" That`s all the reader really cares about. What`s in it for him or her?The idea of  a press release is not to try to tell your whole story in your headline. The idea is to first get the readers attention, skillfully pull them in, and let your press release do the selling.An effective headline is also targeted to a particular niche, like the headline of this thread, "Use A Press Release To Unleash A Flood Of  Sales."I`m targeting SuN members who are interested in learning how to promote their businesses with press releases.So what makes the headline of this thread so effective?It got your attention, pulled you in and made you read this post.Can`t get anymore effective than that.I= INTEREST: After you get the readers attention, next you want to get them "INTERESTED" in your product or service. You do that by immediately delivering what your headline promises. Don`t try to be cute, and don`t string your readers along. For example, did you notice how I got right into telling you about," Using A Press Release To Unleash A Flood Of Sales?"D= DESIRE: You have to make the reader "DESIRE" your product or service. The goal you are trying to achieve with this step of the AIDA formula is build value and excitement  in the readers mind. And the way to do that is with benefits, benefits and more benefits!Many marketers mistake features for benefits. There`s a huge difference. Features are characteristics that physically describe your product or service. Benefits describe how your product or service will help the reader solve his or her problem. In other words, what the reader will gain by using the product or service. Following are a few example of features and benefits: A feature is that "illuminated digital clock" you have in your car. A benefit is that clock allows you to see what time it is at night. A feature is a "high resolution computer monitor." A benefit is that computer monitor gives you a sharper image and is easier on the eyes. A feature is your new recliner has "reinforced lumbar support." A benefit is that recliner is comfortable and will help support your lower back. A feature is GPS (Global Positioning System). A benefit is a GPS will prevent you from getting lost.A feature is the room service that your hotel provides. A benefit is that room service allows you to eat in the comfort and privacy of your own room at your convenience. A feature is "Lojack." A benefit is Lojack will help police find your car, if it ever gets stolen. A= ACTION: You want to close your press release with a call to action. Tell the reader in no uncertain terms what you want him or her to do. For example: Call NOW...e-mail us for more information...Visit our website TODAY to order.
    After your press release is written, you can distribute it using a press release distribution service like PRWeb or Mass Media Distribution Services.They also have samples of press releases you can use to help you write your own press release.
    Or you can contact me. I also have a PR distribution service.Dale King
     DKing2007-7-12 9:2:39
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