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Do You Blog?

DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
edited June 2007 in Marketing
I`m often asked by my readers why I don`t have a blog and how I personally feel about blogging. Here is what I tell them:
I think blogging can be very advantageous, if you have something to say - and if you`re committed to it. So why don`t I have a blog? Three reasons:
1. The Content Management System (CMS) I use is the finest in the world. It gives me all of the SEO advantages of blogging without actually having to blog.
2. Because of the nature of my business, I deal with a very limited number of clients. This way I can give them ALL the personal attention that they deserve. In addition, I communicate with all of my clients almost on a daily basis, so there`s really no need or reason for me to blog for communication purposes.
3. My website is actually an article directory, and at the end of each article, there`s a place for readers to rank and comment on the articles, just like on a blog.
Do you blog? Feel free to chip in and tell the forum the reasons why you blog, and if it has been beneficial to you.
Dale KingDKing2007-6-26 15:51:12


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    DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    I stated quite clearly in my post that I deal with a very limited number of clients and that my website is not designed for two-way communication.
    Nikole, you must be the unhappiest woman in the world. You very rarely have anything positive to say. Don`t you have anything better to do than to take transparent shots at me? So, so sad.
    By the way, I`m not going to let you hijack this thread with your poisonous negativity, so as far as I`m concerned, this conversation between us is over.
    Dale KingDKing2007-6-26 15:57:5
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