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Legendary Copywriting Guru, John Carlton Interview

DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
edited June 2007 in Marketing
I`ve just posted the interview of legendary copywriting guru, John Carlton on my website. This is an amazing coup for me, because John rarely grants interviews to ANYONE.
For those of you who don`t know who John Carlton is, here`s his bio:
John Carlton has been a top freelance advertising copywriter for over 21 years now. Many of his ads are legendary among writers and clients. He brings an edginess and street-savvy to ad writing that actually forces you to read every word.
In his prolific career, John has promoted nearly every product or service used by human beings. This staggering list includes top financial advice newsletters... hugely expensive and exclusive marketing seminars ($7,000 just to attend)... a conservative "better sex guide" with the largest mailer in the U.S. (his control ruled for over 5 years despite constant attempts by other pro writers to knock it off)... how-to-fight instructional videos from Navy SEAL commandos and highly-skilled streetfighters (a fascinating multi-million-dollar niche market)... golfing advice (his famous "one-legged golfer" ad shocked the country club crowd)... plus reams of letters and ads for retail businesses, self-help products, both entrepreneurial and corporate Web sites, doctors, real estate brokers, diets, precious metals, fund raisers... and "personal" letters that have motivated people to change their lives forever.

When John`s ads (which often fill three entire pages) run in magazines, the whole "look" of the publication subsequently changes... as other advertisers pump up the size and tone of their own ads to keep pace with John`s hard-hitting style of raking in profits. His direct mail letters have long been used all over the world as "study guides" for great copywriting. His rare recorded interviews are eagerly studied by insiders.
In fact, other top copywriters and marketers have secretly sought out John`s advice for years. The results his ads pull are so staggering, he is often booked a year in advance, despite never having advertised his services.
You can view John`s interview here:
Dale King
 DKing2007-6-23 20:48:49


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