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edited June 2007 in Marketing

Nearly everyday, I get e-mails from marketers asking me why prospects keep exiting their websites without purchasing anything.
Now assuming you have "all of your ducks in a row," including targeting the right audience and well-written, compelling sales copy, following are the 3 most common reasons why prospects aren`t buying what you`re selling.
1. Prospects Don`t Find Your Product Appealing: It may seem like a harsh reality to you, but you may have a product that nobody wants. While you may think that what you`re selling is the greatest thing since sliced bread, it`s what your prospects think that ultimately matters.
You can have the greatest salesletter ever written and the best promotion, but those things just don`t matter if nobody wants what you`re selling.
Now there can be a variety of reasons for this. For example: Timing. Some ideas are way ahead of their time, and people just aren`t ready for them.
Another reason may be, your product is a dud. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Despite our best efforts and intentions, sometimes our ideas just aren`t as good as we originally thought they were. Where do you think that age old saying came from?..."It seemed like a good idea at a the time."
The key is being smart enough to recognize when you`re beating a dead horse, and cut your losses.
Now that doesn`t necessarily  mean you have to give up on your product ideas altogether - just for the time being. Remember what I said earlier about timing? Sometimes, if you simply shelve your product for a few months or years and then reintroduce it at a later date, the buying public may be much more receptive to your idea. This occurs much more often than you realize.
2. Prospects Can`t Afford What You`re Selling: Nowadays people are literally being bombarded with advertisements from all directions...tv, radio, direct mail, Internet, newspapers, etc., etc., etc.
Unfortunately, there are only so many dollars to go around. Prospects may very well want what you`re selling, but may be unable to afford it. Especially if you`re selling a product for $100 or more. If you`re experiencing market resistance toward your product, try lowering your price or offering some type of payment arrangement or installment plan. This method has jump-started many  advertising campaigns.
3. Prospects Don`t Believe Your Message: Your prospects will never tell you this, but the reason they aren`t buying your product might be because they don`t believe your selling message.
As a nation we`ve become increasingly skeptical of advertisements of all types. Why? Because too often, the products being advertised simply don`t live up to the hype and excitement they`re being promoted with.
So how can you solve this dilemma? Simple. Tone down the hype and admit your products faults, flaws or shortcomings. For example:
"Unfortunately, our new hair growth formula is not a miracle drug and thus will not work for everyone. While lab tests results prove that it will work for the majority of users, there is a slight chance, it may not grow hair in your particular case. However, if you try our new hair growth formula and are unsatisfied for any reason, we will cheerfully refund your money...no questions asked!"
Do you see how admitting your product is not a miracle drug make your claims seem more much believable and palatable? Try using this method in your next ad campaign.
While you may not hit a homerun each time you go to bat, if you consistently make your offers as credible as possible, the numbers will take care of themselves!
Dale KingDKing2007-6-6 9:2:27


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