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HELP! I want to sell my patent idea

geenageena subscriber Posts: 3
edited February 2009 in Public Relations
I have a multi-million dollar idea!!!  I know that what they all say.  I am on a crusuade to prevention.  Prevention of the diseases that can spread when we are in the dressing rooms.  Yes, men, you too are in danger of this.  Many do not wear undergarments and when we try clothes on in dressing rooms we are EXPOSED.  I want to continue on with this crusuade. 
I want to sell my rights to my patent pending idea.  I was advised that I could make multi-millions if I sold to a company.  I want to sell it to an individual who will make millions.  With the economy the way it is today we all are having some form of financial issues.  I have several ideas brewing and my millions will come in due time.
Please view my idea at www.uspto.gov and go to patent search (applications)  title: SHERMO.
This is my way out of my financial crisis.  If anyone have a better way for me to this please let me know.  ; )


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