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Parris79Parris79 subscriber Posts: 2
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Hello Guru`s of Start Up Nation,
I`m an artist looking to establish long term relationships with wedding photography studios.  The plan is to offer my oil painting services to a few photography studios.   They will then offer " oil paintings " as one of their services.  My plan is to set a base price which I keep,  and the photography studio can offer the service  for a higher price, and keep the difference.  I guess the price would depend on their cliental.My question is, is this a feasible idea?  Is what Im trying to do called subcontracting?  If not, what is the correct terminology?  What is the best way to go about offering your services to a company?Kidflash


  • Parris79Parris79 subscriber Posts: 2

    Thank you for replying.

    Yes the plan is to partner with the photography studio.  I don`t plan on dealing with the client.  The client won`t know I exist.  As far as they know, the studio just hired an oil painter.  So is the correct terminology for what I`m trying to do called partnering?
  • Parris79Parris79 subscriber Posts: 2
    Craig L and Themerrybird
    Thank you for this great advice,  there is a lot to think about.  I guess I`ll never know until I try.  I`ll try both approaches, threw photography studios and by going directly to the people.  Who knows I may luck out and find some pretty cool studios to work with.
  • Parris79Parris79 subscriber Posts: 2
     Hey Craig Landes,  damn your good.
    I see your point and will definitely  re-think my approach to this idea of mine.  Thank you for your words of wisdom.
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