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Feed back on Website

Parris79Parris79 subscriber Posts: 2
edited February 2008 in New Member Welcome
I`m new to this entrepreneurial world.  I started a pet portrait business.  If my marketing skills were as good as my painting skill, I`d be a rich man.  There are plenty of l artist out there making a living with their art.  And I would like to be one of them.   Do you guys have any pointers you can give me about marketing my site?  Before I being to truly market my services, I would like to get some feed back about my site from the experts.http://www.illapet.com/


  • Parris79Parris79 subscriber Posts: 2

    I knew I struck gold when I found this site.  Your right.  I`ll be sure to compile a list of these high-end services in my area, then attack.  I have to work on making my site, search eng friendly.  Thanks for your great advise.  

    You may not want a portrait of your dog on canvas, but how about a mug? 

  • Parris79Parris79 subscriber Posts: 2


    Way to welcome me into the real world.  I appreciate your honesty.  I see your point. I disagree with your point of view, when it comes to flash.  I`ve seen plenty of warm sites which were generated in flash.   Its all about the design.  Weather Im using flash or HTML, its the content and the choice of colors that determines this empathetic connection you speak off.  My colors happen to be a bit dark.  So I may rework that. 

    All in all, I will rework certain aspects of my site, for you bought up some valid points. Thanks for the advise.

  • Parris79Parris79 subscriber Posts: 2
    Your portraits are "Kick Ass" man, nice work.
    I`ll be doing everything you suggested. Thanks for the positive feed back.  
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