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how to pay?

igeminii2igeminii2 subscriber Posts: 1
Im not sure where to begin. I am haveing problems with how to pay my business and how to pay my sub contracter. I say that I take money off the total to put into the business and then split the rest 50/50 with my sub, who also happpens to be my significant other. He says that he wants 60% of the total and then I get 40% and have to pay the business out of that, not a good Idea right?? I am desperate for some advice on this as It has become a very sore subject between us. He doesn`t want to comprimise in any way but it would be helpful if an impartial view came into play here.


  • LingLing subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Deborah,I feel for you in this tough situation.  What is your role in the new business and what is your sub responsible for?  How many hours are you each contributing each week?  Who has contributed the most seed money?
  • igeminii2igeminii2 subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi, I am the owner and ceo of the company and I put up all of the money to start the company.
  • LingLing subscriber Posts: 1
    I agree with Vincent and Aaron.  Listen to your instincts and plan to replace your SO.Last year my partner (a neighbor) wanted >50% of my company`s equity even though I put up 100% of the money and did more than half of the work.  I agonized over it and then decided to say no, he could have 10% equity and 25% revenue share.  Of course, he quit a week later but I recovered just fine.You will both be better off by not working together.  You already have unproductive conflict and you are just starting out.  I hope this passes quickly so you can get back to moving your business forward.  Best wishes!      
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