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Please Review - Shu-lure

miztmizt subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2007 in Website Critique
I`m a high school student who is a budding entreprenuer and a long time browser of these forums.  I`d like constructive critsicm of my website (and business).  Shulure.com, and the store is located at store.shulure.com.  My business is totally internet based and all feedback will be very much appericated.  I`ve been playing with it to long and need some fresh eyes on it.  Most vistors see shulure.com but many who come from google adwords go to shulure.com/products.  I need help converting vistors from shulure.com and shulure.com/products to sales in my online store. 


  • ujeansujeans subscriber Posts: 1
    Nice, simple, quick and easy to navigate.Is there anyway to make the store.shulure more insync with the main site?"The Attutide" section is great allow for some wonderful customer feedback.The only thing it really lacks are more pictures of your product in action, but you have that covered with the contest you`re running.Good Luck!
  • bhealthy2bhealthy2 subscriber Posts: 0
    I can definetly help you get more people to your website.  Check my business out. at www.payitforward4profits.com/cathyc</A>  I did visit your site.  I would definetly try to make it more interesting maybe with video.  Best of luck!  Cathy C
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Very nicely done. Great copywriting. Not a fisherman but I definitely understood what you offered and were I a fisherman,  it would appeal to me.
  • 337design337design subscriber Posts: 3
    Two cents from 337 Design - The Website Company:1.  I totally agree with Campsteve, collapse the two sections into one.  Right now it`s fairly confusing and you want to make it as easy as humanly possible for your visitors to order from you.2.  Get some product images and the heading "Order Now" or "Start Shopping" or "Newest Additions" on that homepage above the fold!  Do it tonight!  Get people into that store as quickly as possible.
  • miztmizt subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks to everyone who responded.  I will start implementing these ideas one by one.  After wrestling season, this business will be my main focus (i`m still in high school).  I must say this is the best critique I`ve every received for my business and website.  In the next few weeks as the season wraps up I will try to answer some of the questions that were asked about the site. Any more feedback is welcome.  I just need to make the site perfect for converting and let god warm up North America so I can start selling big time.
  • miztmizt subscriber Posts: 1
    I`m slowly starting to implement the changes. I was hoping to get your guys opinion on the "Shop Now" blurb on the main page and products page. This is the two pages most of my customers are going to see.  I`ve eliminated the individual info product pages and it now goes to the store page.  Done a few other little things. I`m still bugging my customers to send in some pictures of them, I really think some more people catching fish picture would help establish creditability.  Anyone have any ideas for some grassroots ducktape marketing.  I`m kicking myself for missing an opportunity this weekend.  I whent to a fishing show expo, walked out of it and looked in the parking lot to realize there where 500 cars who were my targeted customers.  I had 50 business cards on me and stuck one in windshield wipers.  If I would of been smart, I would of made up fliers and stuck them in the windshield wipers both days.  Missed alot of sales.  Anyways, thanks in advance.
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