Offering short term financing/partnering with bank?

IanhIanh subscriber Posts: 1
I have an appraisal business that is expanding into several states.  I currently collect payment at the time of the order or the customer can have us bill them, but we keep a credit card on file to be used if the bill is not paid within 60 days.  It seems that I might be able to pick up even more customers if I could partner with a credit card company/bank that would be willing to offer 90 day 0% or a low rate and then it would be upped after that point.
Are there such programs?  Where should I look?  Any help in this area would be appreciated.  I know there are good leasing programs for equipment, but my business is a service/reporting biz and the accounts are generally between $400 and $10000 within that 60 day period. 
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