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Closing the Sale

TOCExpertTOCExpert subscriber Posts: 3
edited July 2006 in Sales
I have a call tonight with a potentially large client. I don`t have a lot of experience "closing". I am a business consultant and know my trade very well, but I am no salesman. Any thoughts on closing the deal would be very helpfull.


  • tannersoldittannersoldit subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey TOC:
    Describe your scenario.  How close is the deal?  How close are you to the buyers?  What`s your competition?  Have you identified the buyer`s reasons to buy?  Do you know why he hasn`t bought before now?  Have you asked this question; "Is there any reason we shouldn`t make this deal today?"
    You hope the answer is; "No!".  But if it is something else, you`ll know what the reasons are for not buying and you can solve them.  Then, repeat the question.
    Ask probing questions that lead them to your solution.  The more they talk, the closer you get to the sale.  The more you talk, the closer you get to the door!
    Good luck!
  • TOCExpertTOCExpert subscriber Posts: 3
    I have done some consulting work locally (Denver). I have yet to really advertise because I haven`t needed to. I put up a website last month and got into Google and Yahoo sponsered searches. I have had about 120 views so far. I recieved an email from an interested party in New York for my services. I will be talking to him for the first time tonight, and was looking for some advice. I believe that this is a highly motivated potential customer, so I don`t want to blow it due to inexperience with closing. There is extremely limited competition with respect to my services, so I am not worried about being out bid.
  • admanadman subscriber Posts: 3
    #1 Biggest closing tio.
    Ask for the sale.  You`d be surprised how many people do a fantastic presentation and then never ask for the sale.
  • 916salespro916salespro subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey TOC,
    I just joined startup nation and this is my first time posting online.  Usually, I give advise via phone or in person.  First of all, Tannersoldit speaks the truth.  Since your an expert in your field, you already know the questions to ask.  Do what you normally do to figure out the prospects pain, and then provide the solution.  Two easy closing questions are, "How soon would you like me to start"?.  Another one is, "So what`s your budget and timeframe for this project. 
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