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Surprise - soliciting investors

IanawhiteIanawhite subscriber Posts: 2
edited June 2007 in Elevator Pitches
Grasshopper Outdoor Products is currently looking for investors.
We`re in the process of raising $60,000.
I`m the inventor of a couple devices that I`m currently developing with
manufacturers in NY. One of the devices was offered a licensing
agreement from another company in 2005, but I decided to develop
The devices are aimed at the leisure fishing industry. The U.S. spends
approximately $20 Billion per year on fishing equipment.
Our predictions estimate a 150-fold return on investments by Year 5.

I`m currently completing my PhD at Cornell and have been working on
this business in my "spare" time. I have invested every penny I have and
now that the business plan is complete I`m looking to bring in investors
to raise the remaining $60,000 required for start-up.
I have some investors already lined up, but to be sure of funding I`d like
to offer my business plan up to others that might be interested.

I have a manufacturer for my first product, two large conservation groups
interested in endorsing the product, several editors preparing
articles about my product and a 30 min radio interview in September.

Serious inquires can be made to www.grasshopperproducts.com)


  • IanawhiteIanawhite subscriber Posts: 2
    What I mean is, I`m looking for general active partners!

    (I should have gone to law school)
  • EntrevisorEntrevisor subscriber Posts: 0
    Ian,I believe I just got through recommending an affordable but yet knowledgeable NYC attorney for ya. Here`s a double dose of my suggestions. I would recommend checking out www.GoBigNetwork.com. You seem to be on the ball with this thing and I believe you could easily find some "active" angel capital. Ideally, you would like to find someone in the outdoor market arena, or at least used to be. But then again, I think I may have just stated the obvious. Hope to see you and your product on t.v. soon...Speaking of which, man, if you can get your product on QVC in time for next Father`s Day, you`ll be set.
  • IanawhiteIanawhite subscriber Posts: 2
    Hey,yes, thanks for both posts.I`ve been on GBN and I`m trying to hook-up with groups, but the lingo while applying is a challenge and takes a bit of getting used to.Re QVC, I don`t think my product retails for enough to attract them.  I believe the cut-off is something like $15.  Plus, not having the number of units produced that they require you have on hand will preclude me.Anyway, I can`t do any of that until GOP is a legal entity and I have the funding for tooling, etc.This process is like fighting though a vast mud puddle.  I`ll get there, but it ain`t easy.   I guess if it were then everyone would be doing it.Again, thanks for the advice.Ian.
  • IanawhiteIanawhite subscriber Posts: 2
    Food for thought, but baby steps.....although couldn`t hurt to throw out a few feelers!
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