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Contact, Present & Follow Up - The Art of Telemarketing B2B

MovingUpMovingUp subscriber Posts: 9
edited November 2007 in Marketing
Over the past year I have been working in telemarketing on a commission based position. Working on a commission based salary has forced me to develop techniques and strategies to contact the right people and to close the sale.
I would like to share with you some very important lessons that I have learned over the past year.

Contact - When contacting another company to market your service or product - its critical to always contact the right person in that company. I have seen many many telemarketers or others who want to contact a company and they just send it to the info@ email on the company`s website. Rule #1: Connect with the right person in the company, ask the recp` at the front desk: " Who would be the right person in the company to contact?"  In general from my experience its usually one of the four : the marketing director, the director of business development or the PR & advertising director, or the company VP.

Present  "You dont have a second chance to make a first impression" -
You call up a company and the front desk connects you to the director of marketing - what do you say? Remember that director is crazy busy! You have about one minute - what should you say? Here is whats been working for me - I dont say anything about the product or the service that I am representing, I simply say:  " Hi my name is ... I am calling from [company]... I would like to email or fax you some information in regards to [ make it 2 words!... ] would that be ok?   I almost never hear "no you cant!" . Why? Because I have found that if you dont bother them with a whole phone presentation - they are open to hear more about your business and what you have to offer. If you step out of the way and let the email or fax do the explanation and let the email/fax guide the prospect to a website - the work has been done for you and now comes the follow up.

Follow up: In my first few months when I would do the follow up - I would call to speak directly with the prospect. This never ever worked. Why ? because they are busy! Imagine being at work and suddenly someone calls you and asks if you are interested in buying there product or service- how would you respond?  The same here. I started getting really fustrated with this system. Then I tried a new path - I would call the recp` and ask to leave a voicemail for the prospect.  This what I say: " Hi Mr/s my name is .... yesterday I emailed you some information in regards to.... I just wanted confirm that you received the email and if you have any questions. My number is.... Thank you and have a great day"......... and guess what.. It works! Why does this work? Because I have discovered that people will listen to their messages towards the end of the day when things begin to relax at work and the pressure is down a little. They will listen to the message and they will go back to that email they received from me the day before.  By leaving them a message I am giving them time and space to think about it - however directly speaking to the prospect - he will get into some kind of defense and will automatically say no, yes he maybe somewhat interested but because I am putting him on the spot he will say no to my offer.
Whats works for you?
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