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What is the Best Social Network to market through?

MovingUpMovingUp subscriber Posts: 9
edited November 2007 in Marketing
There are tons of social networks. Everyday another social network site is going up. My question is - what is the best social network to market a service or a product through? What works for you?  


  • MovingUpMovingUp subscriber Posts: 9
    In my case - my website [educational site] is geared for the high school/college age group
    After dipping my toe in the water - it seems to me that myspace is a very `trashy` place, were as facebook is very clear and the groups in facebook are a little more mature then mypace where everyone is promoting music or viagra.   
    I have been checking out some other sites [hi5,xanga,etc..] - it seems to me that its more or less the same people in each network - meaning teenagers create profiles in at least 5 different social network sites.
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