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Yes, we are just launching http://www.showtheworldyoururl.com where we offer people a FREE slot in our new Internet Video Business Directory. I would be curious to know if you understand what we are offering and how it works as we are finding people that just don`t seem to have read all through the page.Thanks,Hugh SimpsonCo-founder


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    Decent copywriting but far too many words. I don`t think very many people will read that entire page because of the word count.
    Break this up into multiple pages.
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    Just a quick note. There are 1012 words on the landing page.
    The style is very hard sell and pushy. Might want to tone down a bit.
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    I thought, why should I do it? Who`s really going to see my informational video there rather than on YouTube? I did read the entire page, but it was tough. I also agree with CraigL... You say, "show them." Then you tell it instead of show it. The example vids are fine, but I didn`t even finish watching the entire thing... Why? because the production was so poor that I lost interest. After all, I barely got through the copy...Sorry to be so harsh. But that`s my honest opinion. I think much of my complaints can be corrected.
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