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home based travel agency

pertrainpertrain subscriber Posts: 2
Anybody have any experience or ideas regarding starting a home based
travel agency for cruises. I`ve always been intriqued in the travel business
and think this could be something I could do from home while still being a
stay at home mom w/a 3 year old!!! Any resources or websites to check
out to start in me in the right direction.


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    besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi Pertrain! I have heard of several travel programs one being YTB. However, I am not so sure that it has received good reviews. In any case, I have googled the inquiry and here are a few that I came up with. Wishing you great success - and with anything proceed with caution - be sure to check out the company before investing or committing  to any program.
     www.indeed.com/forum/job/travel-agent/05390c183c137e18787d4102 - 45k -www.ehow.com/how_2198231_become-stay-home-travel-agent.html - 57k -www.Start-TravelAgency.com
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    TravelTravel subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Pertrain,
    I am a home based travel agent with TraVerus Travel. I no longer work outside of my home. With TraVerus you have the ability to become a certified travel agent and you have unlimited earning potential with this company as well.
    Please check out my site for more information www.selenahigh.etraverus.com
    When you are done give me a call or email me at selenahigh@hotmail.com
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    TravelTravel subscriber Posts: 0
    Pro travel network has nothing at all on the TraVerus Compensation Plan. Not to mention the fact that with TraVerus has an excellent Certification Program in place for anyone who wants to become Certified, and it is recognized by ARC IATA and various other affiliations. TraVerus is the absolute best out there in the industry right now.
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    SCVS800SCVS800 subscriber Posts: 1
    The key to success of any web based business is marketing.  If you can get the word out to the millions of people on the web you will succeed.  It is a numbers game, the more people that see your product, the more will buy.  Of course the content you are providing must be relevant to the visitors you attract.
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    vacationbrothersvacationbrothers subscriber Posts: 0

    Anybody have any experience or ideas regarding starting a home basedtravel agency for cruises. I`ve always been intriqued in the travel businessand think this could be something I could do from home while still being astay at home mom w/a 3 year old!!! Any resources or websites to checkout to start in me in the right direction.

    Check this out...It will give you some perspective.
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    vacationbrothersvacationbrothers subscriber Posts: 0
    sorry double postvacationbrothers5/8/2008 6:20 PM
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    TravelTravel subscriber Posts: 0
    Traverus Travel is rocking the travel industry right now. Please go to my site www.selenahigh.etraverus.com and view the information and give me a call.
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    ELMtravelgroupELMtravelgroup subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m sure you will be interested in taking advantage of the huge
    income, travel and tax benefits this Travel Business business makes available to you.
    It is a franchise business that you will own. There is a small
    franchise purchase fee.
    is a franchise business and like any other franchise you pay a fee for
    their name and for them to maintain the services of that name. You
    could never personally open up a multi-million dollar travel website
    that competes with Travelocity and Expedia. Expedia sold last year for
    billions of dollars! Nor could you run /book and service thousands of
    people booking travel through you. Everything in the back end is done
    for you. You just promote and sell travel...and that`s how you get
    commissions and perks. The fee and all related costs are tax deductible
    on your income taxes.. The only other costs that are associated with
    this business is business cards. So you can see this is not an
    expensive business to run...very little overhead. It`s an easy and fun
    business to be in because everyone travels!
    If you were offered a McDonald`s franchise wouldn`t you jump at the
    chance?...Yes! The multi-million dollar travel industry is that big of an opportunity! ...for a fraction of
    the cost of a McDonalds franchise! ...except not everyone goes to McDonalds....but everyone
    travels! Join the multi-million dollar travel industry today!
    Don`t misunderstand...this is not a get rich quick scheme.....yes, the
    incredible tax savings and travel benefits are immediate. But this will
    be your home business.....your income level will depend on you.
    Although you can work at this part time or full time at your
    convenience....the more time you put into your business the greater
    your income will be. Unlike being an hourly wage earner...you do not
    have a ceiling to how much money you can earn!....YOU control how much
    money you make....and only YOU! You control how much time you spend with your family! You control your life.
    After you look over the information at http://www.startnow.elmtravelgroup
    please contact me with any questions you might have about starting
    today! I will train you and I will be there to help you every step of
    the way.
    People are always saying “If I only had the opportunity, I KNOW I’d be a success.”
    Well what this does is take the “IF” out of it.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Everyone Travels!
    For exciting travel...From an exciting business!
    go to: http://www.elmtravelgroup.com to find the best prices on travel
    go to: http://www.startnow.elmtravelgroup to start your own Online Travel Agency
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    JulieReevesJulieReeves subscriber Posts: 0
    here are many agencies which accept applicants from India but for that you have to pay fee as well as security ..and you need to get some training also... there are many companies based in India doing all outbond travel and which support home based travel agents on profit sharing basis...
    Hotels in Egypt
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