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We Built An Onliine Apparel Company in 60 Days

Hey guys- Howie here- just wanted to say hello first of all- i have never been on this site before but it looks quite interesting. I have been a startup man my whole life- the hard part for me is building the company and then selling it! For this new startup- www.SpotMyTee.com it took us 60 days from start to launch. This is where the real work now starts. Marketing, marketing and marketing.  Take a look at the niche marketing and what we have done and see if  what you think. Its always good to reach out to the minds of many and get some feedback and help. We chose to go the tattoo art route and hook up with artists from around the country. Our marketing is geared to the 35 and under crowd and under 20.00 per tshirt. We are using american apparel and we do not use screen printing as many other shirt companies do. In addition we have our own factory in NJ and print every tshirt individually as it is ordered.  We have worked very hard up until now and plan on pushing our brand everywhere. I just want to wish everyone much success in their ventures. Remember persistency is the key to making any new startup or ongoing business a success.
Wish Me Luck- Now back to work I go.


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    FonsecaliuFonsecaliu subscriber Posts: 1
    Good luck to you too. And keep the community updated!
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    websuccesstoolswebsuccesstools subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey there. I saw you started up this company in 60 days. I was wondering if maybe you could give some advice on things. I`m wanting to start a t-shirt company too but in a different niche or t-shirts. Actually wanting to start my own brand of shirts along w/selling other companies shirts. I would be looking to get it started as quick as possible...didn`t think 60 days would be possible. If you could email me at (just take out the astriks)
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    SalemHSalemH subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi Howie,
    Congrats on your business and its success.  I like the niche market you`ve identified, and would be curious as to the specifics of the starting up.
    Marketing: Did you start with local shops (contacts you may have already had?) and slowly spread? Use primarily online contacts (tattoo communities etc.)?
    Production:  why the decision to create your own factory? Costs associated (capital startup, logistics management, inventory, operations management)?
    Interesting story.
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