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What impact will the Yahoo/Google have?

HRB1HRB1 subscriber Posts: 2
edited July 2008 in Marketing
Greetings All,
 If you haven`t heard already Google and Yahoo established a joint advertising pact. The agreement enables Yahoo to run ads supplied by Google alongside Yahoo’s search results and on some of Yahoo`s web properties in the United States and Canada.
What impact do you think this will have? Why do you feel this way?
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  • HRB1HRB1 subscriber Posts: 2
    Greetings all,
     Here`s some insight I felt compelled to share.
    HRBwww.wowzzy.com "Bringing small business to the big table!"
    Pay close attention to your cost per click prices in Google.
    Generally bid prices are lower on Yahoo than on Google;
    once this program is implemented, ads on certain Yahoo queries
    will be affixed with Google-like prices due to the auction
    based system in place.
    When the queries begin to marry each other,
    start to pay close attention to which keywords
    are triggering Yahoo search results and measure
    your keyword performance and cost in each engine.
    If you have duplicate campaigns in both Google
    and Yahoo - then it is important to understand
    how to measure performance in your reports so
    you could possibly pause those keywords in Google
    and have more flexibility with them in Yahoo alone.

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